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Namaah[Pre-Approved][Draenei Hunt]
Existing Profile: http://wiki.conquestofthehorde.com/Namaah

Any Changes Made?: Nope, bar adding Skills & Abilities.

Player: flammos200.

Character full name: Namaah.

Character in-game name: Namaah.

Nickname(s): N/A.

Association(s): The Draenei, otherwise independent.

Race: Draenei.

Class: Hunter.

Skills & Abilities: Namaah doesn't differ all that much from the usual available to Draenei Hunters.

Artificer's Artistry: Namaah has a knack for technology, particularly weird and exotic pieces primarily made up of crystals, as is common to the Draenei. She'd joke there's a crystal for every occasion. Her ranged weaponry fires crystalline ammunition, and other generally odd things. While generally useful, her messing around with a few holographic emitters at one point led to unfortunate implications...

Wild Empathy: The Hunter has an affinity towards strange and large(often dangerous) beasts. Seeing her with a Glow-wasp or a Silithid, or perhaps a very large Saberworg is not uncommon.

Survival Entomologist: Namaah knows more about insects than about anything else and that's saying something, considering her extensive survival and wilderness-related skills, and technical know-how.

Age: 12'042.

Sex: Female.

Hair: Silvery-white, usually held in a long ponytail.

Eyes: Typical draenic white.

Weight: 95 kg.

Height: 2,15 m.

Usual Garments/Armor: Most commonly, Namaah will dress in a combination of leather and scalemail, though she has been known to pursue splintmail and chainmail with equal enthusiasm. Suffices to say that she enjoys having a layer of metal between herself and the world... most of the time.

Other: Plenty of scars are present on her body, a diagonal one visible from her right shoulder to her left hip all across her back, whereas four vertical ones run along the side of her abdomen on the left-hand side. All in all, they hint to a somewhat reckless approach to combat.

Personality: Volatile, reckless, wild - These words would be the definition of Namaah, were they not compensated for the patience that hunting and tracking, as well as the practice of engineering have bestowed on her. As far as races go, she enjoys spending time around most of the Alliance peoples. However, due to repeated proof of the ease at which they are corrupted, she merely tolerates Humans, not truly considering them any measure of good.

Namaah is a lover of the weird and the intricate. It hasn't been rare that she'd get excited over some species of rare, strange beast she'd attempt to tame, or some piece of crystalline technology that she'd manage to work into existence.

She is more prone to violence towards the Horde, though. She feels quite bitter towards the Orcs for slaughtering her people on Draenor, for instance, yet she offers a degree of leniency to the Blood Elves after their deeds at the Sunwell. After all, if the Draenei prophet Velen managed to give them a chance at redemption, why shouldn't she? Tauren she usually finds mildly entertaining, whereas Forsaken are abominations to both the Light and to Nature. Death Knights, on the other hand, are a source of quiet fascination to her.

History: Born on an unknown world, during the dimensional exodus of the Draenei, Namaah's childhood was an unerringly shaken one. Between fleeing the Burning Legion and gathering resources from the planets encountered, as best she could as a youngling, she developed a liking for the more feral, primordial worlds the Draenei encountered.

The exiles' long flight across the cosmos quickly became as much passion as necessity for Namaah. Whilst on their voyages, aboard the Naaru vessels, she studied engineering, and whilst on the various worlds they'd encounter, she would act as a tracker, hunter-gatherer and guard, using the technological devices she developed as a means to protect and serve the other Draenei.

The worlds themselves were also a source of fascination for her. She would attempt to study the plant and animal life on them in the short times the Draenei would spend on the alien planets, and by the time the Exiles reached their Home - Draenor, she had a vast collection of botanical and zoological pieces of information, as well as quite the number of devices, not all with peaceful purposes.

And for a time, all was well, Namaah being a fairly productive member of Draenei society, helping out wherever she could, by either mechanical or natural means, until the Siege of Shattrath came, and she attempted to stand and fight. She was quickly whisked away by her father, however, who would rather see her safe than fall prey to the Blood-crazed Orcs, the parent choosing to give his life for the City of Light so that she would not. Namaah was hopeless for a time, on Draenor, until the prospect of freeing the Tempest Keep came up.

With renewed purpose and vigor, Namaah dedicated herself to the siege on the old Naaru vessel, and alongside most of the other Draenei, found herself on the Exodar, hurtling towards Azeroth. Needless to say that she survived, however, once on the new world she felt the restless call of curiosity gnawing at her. She set out to explore, leaving the Myst isles behind, and choosing not to take part in most major conflicts, until the ancient evil that had been hunting the Draenei threatened to burst into the world through the Sunwell.

Namaah joined the Shattered Sun Offensive as a ranged troop, and fought the duration of the Sunwell Campaign, up to the very end, wherein she saw Velen plunge the heart of a Naaru into the fount of power, an action that spoke louder than ten thousand words. The Army of Light that the Prophet had long spoken of was forming. The thought brought a grin to her face each time she reckoned it.

Turning for the Northern continent as the first Icebreakers started their attempt at reclaiming it for the various factions, Namaah found more than she bargained for. Countless new enemies, and technology to boot, not to mention the species warped by the cold of the North - In both plant and animal forms.

She picked her conflicts very carefully, choosing to take part in the descent into Azjol'Nerub, as well as aiding in the expedition led by Brann Bronzebeard into Ulduar - Even to the fall of the Old God, Yogg-Saron and the reprogramming of the planetary fail-safe by Algalon the Observer, but staying away from the major ones such as the Nexus War and the War against the Lich King.

She returned soon after the death of the Death Knight Tyrant, and kept wandering the world in search of further purpose. Though, even for the battle-hardened, Azeroth has a way of springing forth surprises...
[Image: 2hhkp3k.gif]
Recommended reads: Divine and Arcane. Also, elves.
Wanna refer me in Tribes: Ascend? Clickies!

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