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Name Fail
As an proud altaholic, I recently rerolling a tauren shaman named Ribley. Over the past few days, I leveled him to 38 and today, I started RPing.

Then I realized that I picked nearly the exact same name as another person named Ripley. Now I feel really stupid.

I was wondering whether or not it would be possible to A: Get a name change or B: Reroll with a different name and get leveled to 38. I apologize for trying to hassle GMs who are likely busy enough as it is. I just think this would prevent a lot of later confusion that might come up. Thanks.
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How many Anne's or John's are there in the world, having a similar name is alright. Impersonating that person OOCly is not.
I understand that, but I think that people could easily be led to believe that one of us is trying to impersonate the other. I can see a lot of drama happening based off of that alone and I'm sure everyone would like to avoid that.
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Problem solved. Thank you!
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