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Narcotics in Azeroth
So, over the past few years I've seen characters involved in the sale/use of various mind-altering substances. There is "regular" stuff like tobacco and alcohol but I'm referring to things we know IRL as psychedelics, stimulants, opiates, etc. I've even had one of my old characters involved in a fairly large guild a couple years back that manufactured and sold "Dust", a substance that had effects similar to that of real-life cocaine, so the presence is definitely there. Even recently, I've seen characters using opiate-like medicines to dull pain. I'm just wondering if there are some common substances out there like "Dust" was a few years back and if they are actually controlled by local authorities.

Are our characters allowed to synthesize narcotics and peddle them at their own risk? I wanted one of my characters to synthesize "Dust" again, a drug based on swiftthistle run through a bunch of caustic chemicals to extract the alkaloids, etc.

Lastly, what do you think about narcotic use in Azeroth?
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Far as I know, it's completely fine! In that people do it. It's likely not legal in certain places. There's also this guide if you haven't read it.
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I will say this: as someone who gets *very* uncomfortable the moment hard drugs becomes a subject, even in RP, I would be careful how you do this. Make sure folks around you are cool with things going on in this direction.
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I used to play a character that peddled drugs. Mind altering substances do exist in lore, as is evident from several potions you can craft in alchemy and the Goblin Alchemist hero from WC3 used mind altering potions as well. Don't worry about the science of it all. I'm more willing to believe "a substance derived from swifthistle" than "a subtsance derived from swiftthistle run through a bunch of caustic chemicals to extract the alkaloids, etc."

What caustic chemicals? Are those chemicals present on Azeroth? Do those chemicals even work together that way? Where do those chemicals come from? These questions arise and we end up researching narcotics a little too much for some wholesome roleplay, you know?

Lastly, I'll share with you the bad taste in my mouth left with narcotics roleplay: it doesn't work. Narcotics, as a rule, thrive on addiction. You'll find most players don't want to play the addict/ play the addict poorly. On rare occasion you do get an addict they have a seemingly limitless amount money and there won't really be any fun in it, just "here it is" "here's the money" "thanks". Mostly, however, you'll just get no RP. Most of my scenarios went as such "hey want some drugs" "no." The freakin' end.
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(03-06-2013, 08:29 PM)kindle135 Wrote: Don't worry about the science of it all. I'm more willing to believe "a substance derived from swifthistle" than "a subtsance derived from swiftthistle run through a bunch of caustic chemicals to extract the alkaloids, etc."

This. If someone asks, you can always say something to the effect of "I don't know how this stuff gets made. I leave that to the science kids. All I know is my customers love it and keep coming back for more."

...speaking of addictions...

* Jonoth huddles in a corner, hugging himself. "I'm not gonna make a new addict alt....I'm not gonna make a new addict alt..."
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Well, unlike Jonoth... I am an addict, an altoholic. I sign up to make an addict character. I think it would be fun. But one tip for narcotics. Do not bring up any IRL drugs, right? I see the herbs things I think those are good :) and if you make some alchemy mind altering stuff that kindle brought up. PM me if you are interested.

gnome guy

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Svenn is a recovering alcoholic. Funny enough, he also used to be a narcotic hunter on retail. you have been warned... :D

none the less, this should be interesting. I fully support it.
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