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Narel Goldcog [Pre-approved]
Player: Joe2618

Character Full Name: Narel Goldcog [Pre-restart]

Character In-Game Name: Narel

Nickname(s): NA

Association(s): The Sanctum

Race: Gnome

Class: Rogue

Age: 50

Sex: Male

Hair: Narel has thick white hair and a big fluffy mustache

Eyes: Emerald Green

Weight: 44lbs

Height: 3'5

Skills and Abilites: Narel's abilites are:

Faster than fast: Because his body is so small he is able to use it much quicker than your average rouge, however he would only be able to do this for short periods of time due to his small lungs, and the fact he insists to keep his facial hair just under his nose.

Gnome engineering: Although he hated his parents for the inventions that he has made since his child-hood, he did keep a few of them, just in case. He also has the blue-prints but now lacks the means to event them, should they run out or simply begin to malfunction, he would have to find someone to event them for him. They consist of a hookblade, used for climbing, and a few smoke bombs, used for quick exits.

Vital strike: His time as an assassin taught him which points are deadly on the anatomy of species, he has practiced at how to make someones arm useless to simply killing them. Practice never did make perfection however, and just because he has the know how does not mean he will always have the power to strike these parts of the body.

Knife aim: Other than the contrapctions he took with him, all he really knows is how to use the knife and hand to hand. However, this means he is great with the knife, usually able to hit his opponent from a distance. Off balance he can still usually make a good shot, and unless his injuries are serious his aim will not be damaged.

Strength in the legs: As of being so small and tiny, he notices he can't really do much with his self in combat. So he developed the muscles in his legs so that he can jump, high. For example, He would jump onto a knee, and then jump once more to the enemies face. This could be from a Human, to a Troll. In any case he can jump pretty high, all things considered.

Other: Narel has a special place in his heart for the smell of fresh leather, which explains why his job is a travelling leather sales-man, that is, when he isn't doing his 'real work'. He is also very fond of meat, and sometimes eats it raw

He usually wears anything that takes his fancy, he doesn't really care about fashion. However when he changes from his every day life. He tends to dress in an assassin's costume. This is basically to hide who he is, so no one can seek to kill 'Narel' but rather to kill 'The white grass-hopper' as he so fondly likes to be called whilst in this guise.

Narel holds his beliefs in high regard, and can pinpoint people for the smallest things he disagrees with. This makes him very prejudice, however, once on his good side, you've found someone who will not let you down through thick or thin. To him, killing is a business, that he see's as his only way to make ends meet.

Narel belives that the end justifies the means, and that no matter what he does that is considered evil, he knows in his heart he is fighting for the greater good. This leads him to question his existance, and wonder why his goals and the means in which he takes to gain them, clash so powerfully against each other, in terms of Good and Evil.

Also, Narel tends to state his opinions loud and proud, with no regard to what other people think. This can result in him giving away parts of his life he usually wouldn't talk about, but makes him easier to understand.
Whilst in his costume, he is a polar opposite, he does things quickly and quietly, and does not state his achievements or opinions. He is quite quiet and speaks in a muffled voice when he must. He mainly does this to make people again, further the connection between 'The white grass-hopper' and himself. It is simply putting another obstacle in the way of others knowing his works, and the dark under-tone of what is real job entails.

Since birth, Narel had lived in Gnomeregan with his parents, learning how to make big machines to be used in the war. He never understood why he was doing this, as he wasn't ever too interested in engineering, and instead wished to see the world he lived in. It wasn't until the fall of Gnomeregan that he realised how much more he could have done, but didn't due to his constant self doubt.

He and his family were lucky enough to escape, and while being evacuated to Ironforge, Narel decided to run away, as he was desperate for adventure, and an excuse to drown out the pain of the loss of his home. From there, Narel found himself moving from place to place quite often, but soon settled down in Elwynn Forest, before getting terrible news.

Narel's friend, who had secretly kept in touch with him, contacted him once more to tell him of his parents, who had been killed by Death Knights. It never occured to him that he would lose his parents before seeing them again, and so he traveled to Dun Morogh to place flowers on their graves, and never returned again.

From there, Narel trained to be a fighter, and found himself killing to make sure he could survive. This wasn't something he ever really enjoyed doing, especially since it made him become that which he wanted revenge on, killers. Eventually, killing became an emotionless thing for him, and was simply a mean of living. When he finally made enough, Narel moved to Stormwind in hope of finding a new path in life. He trained constantly, not only to subdue his rage, but also in hope of one day avenging his parents deaths. After meeting some other Rogues, Narel formed The Sanctum with them, and became the head of the Gnome membership.

Now, Narel lives his day to day life by his moral code, always reaching out for his one real goal.
Could you... space it out?
Yeah...I think I will add more to it any how...It's been a while since I did an rp with this character and I think I am going to add more too him now, to make him more interesting.
Ok, it's all set up, everyone feel free to do your worst. The harder on me, the more detailed my character has to be. So yeah, like I said, do your worst. :P
Wooh! Thanks. :)

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