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Narlafayn (blood elven rogue)
Player: Narlafayn

Character Full Name: Narlafayn Iceblader

Character In-Game Name: Narlafayn

Nickname(s): Narla

Association(s): none living

Race: Blood elf

Class: rogue

Skills and Abilities:


Sex: female

Hair:blondish red

Eyes: green

Scale/Height: 5'5

Weight: 90 pounds

Usual Garments/Armor: a tight leather top the has a space between the shoulder and the forearm along with a pair of leather pants with matching boots. covering her face is a simple mask that only covers her mouth


Alignment: lawful neutral

Personality: Narlafayn Iceblader is a very cautious individual who attempts in vein to stay out of conflict. Whenever she speaks her voice is soft and gentle, and is usually understood, because when she speaks she speaks clearly. Narlafayn is very uptight around other people, but after a few hours she becomes more relaxed and less ready to rip your head off. once she opens up to you and starts talking you may hear a hint of sadness in voice. Narla once she's relaxed she becomes a little bit to prideful to try and hide the sadness in her life from others. Drinking has a most powerful impact on Narlafayn because when she becomes intoxicated you might here "I will cut you!" or the even better "fire rains from the earth" When Narlafayn becomes angry i would run the other way because two things will happen "she might try and hurt you or she might disappear for a number of days.

History: Narlafayn Iceblader never knew her parents but did know her teacher, the reason for this is because when Narlafayn was a baby her parents were killed and she was taken by the man who killed her parents. Mynoiry Iceblader was the name of the man who took her in and trained her over the years to be an assassin like him. As an assassin she was very resourceful but still needed more improvement, and as the years past she wanted something more so she tried to leave. Mynoiry rejected her rights to leaving claiming her had saved her life and if she tried to go he would kill her. That night Narlafayn poisoned him in his sleep and ran, ran far away into the woods where she legitimately rammed into a troll by the name of Felknon who brought her a couple miles from Booty bay and bought her new armor and new weapons. a couple years after befriending Felknon he was slain by a bandit on their way to orgrimmar for mercenary work. Now friendless and knowing non she carves her own path.
Looks like we got a bit of an oopsie on our hands here. If you're gonna work on a profile, it's best to handle that over in the Workshop to get input from staff and other members oooor you could save it as a draft. But, at least you have the template on hand! I'll go ahead and move this over for you. Post it back in this forum when it's ready for the approval process!
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