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New RP add on, Make custem quests
I have only just started playing around with it but it looks promising.
Let me know what you guys think

Here is this link to the page it is called Verisimilar
Dowloaded it, gonna see what it is now, hope it will be good!
This looks promising for the server. Though the only problem is that, like Gryphonheart Items, you would need each person participating to have the addon, so it'll be useless for those who don't like to use addons or simply refuse to have any.

I like the concept though, it'd be a great thing for guilds, so higher up members could give the lesser members tasks to perform.
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Looks neat Dusk, hopefully this will be one of those things everyone should download like FlagRSP and GHR/I.
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I'll just be honest. For the majority of the players, this will be a no-no.

It's buggy on some parts, its scripts are hard for non-scripters, and before you finished making your first quest, you're sick and tired of the add-on.

Its purpose is nice, but it'll need a lot of improvement before script-RP will actually take over text-RP.
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