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New Reputation Policy?
I read the policy, and I must admit I am a bit confused. If turning in reborn shards *must* be an In-Character action, how is reputation earned through other IC means attained. If a character is in a certain standing to a faction for a reason other than turning in reborn shards, how is this going to be attained? Particularly if the same character is also opposed to picking up reborn shards.

For example: A character is approved/rolled who is a druid of the cenarion circle/expedition and has been for some time, as such, their reputation with this(these) faction(s) is already realistically beyond friendy/honored IC. This same druid also believes that picking up and turning in reborn shards is disruptive to the balance of nature, and therefore it is not true to their personality/beliefs to do it (and the character refrains from it as Qaza described).

Another example would be a blood elf magister. Now as we know, a Blood Elf Magister is also a political position in addition to being a mage. Having any kind of political position in any society likely entails more than a mere 'friendly' status with the populace of said society. Therefore any Blood Elf Magister would be beyond friendly with Silvermoon City despite the fact that most (but not all) Blood Elf Magisters are not of an alignment that would encourage recovering reborn shards, so the reputation must come via some other source.

How are the players supposed to raise their characters' reputation with said factions? Petition a GM to raise it for you (if there's even a command for that) Or are we actually supposed to attempt the long grinding away of quests (which for some characters may also be unrealistic to do IC, not to mention many quests don't fit the server lore being that they are set to exist seven years in the past, all the while having many quests bugged because there isn't the same scripting as a live server) Cloth turn-ins could be a possibility I suppose but they are only available for the capital city factions and alliance can't turn cloth for horde or vice versa.

So basically my question is this, how can reputation of a character with a faction be raised without taking in character action?

Thanks in advance guys.
Shards or quests. We aren't supporting anything else at the moment.

In your BE Magister example, it's not hard to do quests in the BE newbie area, for example. Getting Honored is ridiculously easy, especially if you're significantly higher than the quests you're working on. You still get full rep even if the quest is grey.
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