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New School; New Times
With the advent of a new school year, I'm facing a new scheduling.

The space between 7 AM-2 PM ST - which may be inaccurate - would be the only time I would be able to get online. This probably excludes homework, projects and socializing. These are of course important aspects of a boarding school.

Fortunately, there'll be opportunities for me to come home in the weekends. Sometimes I will, sometimes I won't. During this time, it'll also be difficult to get on Skype or in-game, as I don't have my PC yet. I will after the coming weekend, though.

Either way, I really do look forwards to this year. I hope to use this opportunity, but also to maintain a relatively active - and more importantly, a beneficial - presence on the server. There may be little time for it, but that only means I'll have to spend the time I do have wisely.
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Update: I've now recieved a school PC, and I'll be available on Skype and the forums. The Internet doesn't have the capacity for me to get in-game, though. I'm uncertain whether that can be attributed to the Internet alone, or whether it's a problem in my end, too. Either way, I'll be able to get in-game during the weekends. :)
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As if Kalah and Linevi don't already have a strained relationship. Crazy
The true test of his choice lies forward.
— The story of the Silithian.

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