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New Tricks for Old Hands.
The salty breeze of the harbor wafted over the well established port of Booty Bay. It was late in the night, and most everyone had drunk their fill and was fast asleep. Those that were still awake, however, had business to attend, each and every one of them.

One such person was Cylain Spearleaf, and as she walked across the wooden piers and platforms she wondered to herself about how far she had come. Her thoughts went uninterrupted as she made her way through the winding paths of the port, her hand closed around the locket hanging from her neck.

One might leave the watchers, but that training never leaves them does it... She thought to herself, her long ears twitching to the sound of boots, subtly hidden among her own footsteps. She turned a corner, then stopped short and pressed against the side of a building. Her follower walked around the corner, took a few quick steps past her, and realized that she was no longer in front of him. Before he could do much else, Cylain stepped forward, grabbed the mans mouth and nose, and slammed her fist into his back behind both his kidneys, and again at the base of his spine. The rapid succession left the man unconscious, but alive.

"Your lucky I'm in a good mood" She whispered, mostly to herself as her would be tail was currently snoring, "Usually I would stab you between your ribs and be done with it." She left the man on the ground, then continued on her way.

A few hours later found her at her destination, a small goblins engineering shop. She stepped beyond the threshold and shut the door behind her. "Is it finished?" She asked the greenskin that sat at a workbench.

"Yeah, it's done. Fine bit of work too, even by a goblins reckoning." He said, pulling a pouch of throwing knives off the bench and tossing it to her. "You oughta think about becoming an engineer missy, that idea of yours was golden. Turning the handles of throwing knives into dynamite, that right there is a goblin way of thinking."

"It's just another trick up my sleeve is all." Cylain responded, admiring one of the blades. The handle was longer and thicker than a normal blade, but she had compensated for that by having a weaponsmith forge the blades to come from the handle, near the middle. In retrospect, it looked like a small spearhead.

"And with this, my technique should be complete." She whispered to herself, smiling.

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