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New chat channel!
We realized that not everything could be clearly divided between LFG and BarrensChat. We've created the new chat channel, creatively titled 'chat' for all your discussion needs that don't involve 1337 speak, or lawl cat jokes. If you just want to discuss life, little OOC things, whatever, go ahead.

Once more, LFG will be used strictly for RP, Event, and Group seeking purposes.
Siv, "A line o' ratchet white, and a scrape of gunpowder lata'...I was wonderin' round Stranglethorn Vale havin' soul searchin' conversations with raptors. Three days lata ah came back t' Booty Bay. Lo'n'behold, ah 'ad dreadlocks."
See.. HERE
[Image: Sig.jpg]

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