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New proffesion....Brewing
Don't know if this possible, but have a proffesion were brew ale and mead would be asmone, just my two cents :D
You should probably suggest this to Blizz!
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Ah, the Pandarin Brewmaster...

It is in the Lore, however, the rumor I've heard is that the class will never be accepted into World of Warcraft because of it's universal online nature and the fact that China threatened to boycott the game if Pandas were used. Something about national treasure and endangered and exploitation. I dunno if this is true.

As for our server lore, there are no current plans to include Brew Masters or Pandarins. The amount of work and the mechanics of the game just don't support it at this time.
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oh but that would be a cool proffession.... and perfect for dwarves...
Go back to the grave, forum thread from the dead!

(It's not doable, so no point in leaving this open.)
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