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Niah Sunstreak [Blood Elf Hunter] [Cataclysm Update]
Edits made are highlighted in yellow.

Player: Hexproof

Character Full Name: Captain Niah Sunstreak (Formerly Wintersun)

Character In-Game Name: Niah


Association(s): Quel'thalas, the Horde

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Hunter

Skills and Abilities: 

- Acrobatics: Niah is skilled at moving and leaping swiftly and capably through the air and along the ground in a manner similar to freerunning or parkour, but this is most capably applied when merely trying to get from one end of something like a ship or boat to the other.

- Ranged/Melee Combat: Niah is more than capable of handling a blade and bow in a fight, and can easily switch between the two quickly in a pinch.

- Arcane-based Hunter abilities: Niah never had proper training as an Arcanist and at this point never likely will. She does know a few tricks, however, allowing her to use spells like Arcane Shot and Eagle Vision.

- Ship, sans crew: Currently Niah is in possession of a ship, the Sun-Slain Maiden, which she has been putting efforts toward acquiring for the last two decades. Her pursuits came to fruition during the upheaval of the Cataclysm, and so now the young lady finds herself captain of a ship, but it still in search of an actual crew for said boat.

Age: 109

Sex: Female

Hair: Auburn

Eyes: Green

Weight: 103 lbs

Height: 5' 6"

Usual Garments/Armor: Leather and cloth, sometimes mixing chain in and almost always including a hood, even if it isn't worn.

Other: Though related to a noble house by blood, she has forfeit her rights of lineage. She is cut off from her house and legally disallowed to take any of the benefits of her previous station.

Personality: Niah is not what anyone would call "kind" at first glance. She's rather gruff, introverted and more than a little selfish, but she has her moments of good like anyone else, few and far between as they may seem. She prefers operating on her own, managing herself and taking care of her own finances and matters. If she wants something, she'll get it herself.

She is racist, but more toward Night Elves and Humans than most others. The Alliance in general annoys her, little more than a group of "holier than thou" Humans and their allies who don't see their place in the grand scheme. Though she'd never admit it, she does also see the Blood Elves as the most powerful and admirable members of the Horde, but as time goes on she's willing to relent that they too have their flaws.

To Niah, the Light and any other religion for that matter is neither ally nor friend. She saw Silvermoon humbled by the Light, the Sunwell and the Shadow. She saw it fall to demons, and has seen the Orcs, Trolls and Tauren all beaten before despite their beliefs. Niah Sunstreak would prefer to place her faith in herself and her crew, rather than begging safe passage and good fortune from gods and arcane forces.


Niah barely remembers her mother and has only met her father a handful of times. She was born in Silvermoon and promptly abandoned into the care of her grandmother, a noble by the name of Lorenei Wintersun. Lorenei was in no way a pleasant woman, and while waning in her years, she pushed Niah well past her limits on a daily basis.

Every morning was verbal abuse, shouts about propriety and criticism of every step, misstep and quarter step, while every small success only meant the bar would be set a little higher out of reach. A misplaced fork or napkin at the table meant bed without supper or a breakfast of "retries" that would go on for hours if need be. It continued well into adulthood and by the age of fifty Lorenei was in her final century and Niah had had more than enough.

She stowed away on a trade ship and made a bargain with the captain to work. She was small of frame and more than willing, so she was set to do various chores and bits of work across the voyages up and down the coast of the Eastern Kingdoms. She became a proper cabin-girl and an accepted member of the crew, learning in two decades how to swing across various masts and decks, swiftly navigating entire vessels with ease.

There was also training with a blade. Trade ship though it was, the threat of piracy only increased when the First and Second wars brought Orcs into the water. The sword was her calling, as was the bow, she found. Perhaps in another life she'd have been a Farstrider, but in this age she worked to defend the vessel that would become her home.

They'd been docked in Lordaeron when the Scourge hit, and the vessel had to leave without her. It wasn't anything she took anger for, but the girl was lost and alone. With little knowledge of the land, Niah took her bow and blade and made for the only place she could think of, Silvermoon.

It was in this trek that she (unknowingly) met with her mother for the first time since birth. Velial Wintersun was a paladin, and Niah made no attempt to hide her curiosity. These people were heard of in stories, of course, but she'd never actually met one of the Light-wielding guardians face to face before, and she felt safe, up until the loss of the Sunwell.

That shattered her to her core. Niah didn't know any proper spells, merely a few augmentations to her own skills, but they weren't really important. The Arcane had just always been a part of her, known or unknown, near or far. Its loss was staggering, and it made her miserable.

She did not make the mistake of confusing misery for stupidity, though. With Silvermoon reconstructing itself, Niah took care to have her ancestry erased proper. Her name was changed, and she signed away her rights to nobility. With the houses in shambles it caused no upheaval, and with the right amount of coin changing hands it was approved with little issue. Niah was free of the responsibility looming over her, of the life of gilded captivity Lorenei had promised her ages before.

She found work on a new ship, and when Fel became the norm she took to it like a wary addict. She needed the high, and so what if it cost her the Light? The Light was never hers, and that was just how it would be.

The Sun Prince's betrayal was another matter entirely. She may have always hated the Silvermoon aristocracy, but a leader betraying his people in such a way drove her well beyond a desire to see him killed. It instilled a desire to personally help in the matter. Her ship (with some convincing on Niah's part) commissioned themselves with the navy and aided the Shattered Sun.

She was without a ship, without a proper home and without any obligations beyond feeding and clothing herself. That was exactly how Niah Sunstreak liked it. With life like it was, she'd been saving, scraping and putting all she had and could spare into a vault of her own (rented from Goblins of course). The next few years were spent aiding in her collections and accumulations, until finally she had it.

Niah had her ship. She had her ship, her freedom and all the skills required. All she needed now was a crew. It was a livelihood, and a home for her, though. Even the Cataclysm wasn't going to take that away.
As someone wise once said, the important thing is never to be fearless or confident. Most people have more than enough trouble with both. The trick is to fake it, because if you learn to fake it properly, it's the same thing as actually having confidence.
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'Fraid we can't make nests out of time intervals.
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Fixed the typo.
As someone wise once said, the important thing is never to be fearless or confident. Most people have more than enough trouble with both. The trick is to fake it, because if you learn to fake it properly, it's the same thing as actually having confidence.
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Approved. She's paid a visit to the Silvermoon Registry, hasn't she...
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Recommended reads: Divine and Arcane. Also, elves.
Wanna refer me in Tribes: Ascend? Clickies!

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