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Noble Halp
So as some of you may know, I'm working on a Gilnean Noble House. If you've paid attention to Character Profiles, you may even notice we're making progress! However, a recent development has caused me put the family background lore into question.

I know a lot of folk here have experience with this kind of RP. How did you address how 'the family became nobility'? Also, can anyone suggest online resources they used to help them come up with their nobility?
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It's a game of who you know and how much money you can make, really. Easiest way I can water it down. Perhaps your family's business has been successful for a good while and it got the attention of other nobles willing to invest until your character's family got it made.
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Going by the historical route, nobility was generally granted for a few main reasons:

- Loyalty and excellence in war;
- Power and influence that nobles tend to command (rich merchant families, for example);
- General good/brown-nosing behaviour;
- Talents, usually administrative, that are noticed by the monarch.

In Warcraft, specifically Gilneas, these came to mind:

- Particular heroism when it comes to battling classic human foes like the Scourge, Orcs and Legion - or the trolls, depending how far we're going back;
- If it's a recent thing, diligence and charitable activities that bettered the people when the wall was erected;
- Scientific and technological advances surrounding guns and navy.

Hope that helped. If you like, I can give you a more detailed explanation of how nobility has worked historically.
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Nobility is a difficult thing, but you should most likely know that most noble families were that way for a long time due to being some of the wealthiest, powerful, or, as you could call them, bootlickers to the one in charge of the kingdom way before the rival families arrived to steal some of the reputation from them.
Now, now, that doesn't mean families couldn't become nobles despite being serfs at an earlier stage. Now that was somewhat of a problem when the father/elder died and their son(s) took in charge of the fortune and might, and that was too very often a deadly matter for the heir that had a brother or plenty.
In Britain, there was also daughters that inherited fortune and nobility, although I can't be certain at what stage of the eras that was.

There was also the less traditional way, where the son of a noble that wasn't the heir (younger or bastard) would take to the Church and become a knight-errant, most often than not, they failed in gaining honor, but some that joined the Crusades, for example, returned rich aplenty and with very high respect. I'm sure that in Warcraft, that could work when becoming a knight, fighting the Horde (or an enemy of the kingdom) doing something additional than you shouldn't do that everyone could notice, and becoming a noble.

There was also the possibility for a minor noble's/trader's/professions of these times's daughter to marry a nobleman and gain her family a spot high above the ladder, and then for some 'unknown' reason after the marriage, the husband died, brutally, and then the father of the daughter or the daughter would earn the spot and fortune. Most often, the daughters would make sure to be pregnant before the death of their husband to make sure that even if the nobleman was going to legate his title to someone else, her son/daughter would get it, although it didn't always work if the newborn turned out to be a female.
There was also these women that didn't kill their husband and simply lived with them until they died, granting money to their parents/loved ones to make sure they don't starve and live well until they could jump on the big chair.

P.S: It was rare for a farmer's daughter to marry a noble. Most often it was a wealthy trader's, or at least someone that the noble could look at even by accident. You might think this sounds like a Prince Charming's tale and nobles couldn't marry random girls, but that's wrong. If there was no one to stop them, they could think they fell in love, or in envy of the female, and many other things.

Now, be assured that nobility at that time was very murderous and these that died was most often in the rise for power. A man's daughter could marry a noble, a son got honor and glory in a fight against the enemies of the Gilnean kingdom, a man/woman did something very good for the kingdom and got rewarded by the king, a noble's legacy was passed to a bastard heir/cousin/uncle, these are the four that I can think of and I doubt there was much other ways.

Feel free to add me on Skype to add any other questions, I'd be glad to answer with the little I know. Either that, or you post the question here, that works too!

Quick Edit: It seems that I have made a mistake, when a daughter married a noble, her family didn't become noble but her heirs did, and her family was allowed to live in the grounds of nobility without being themselves high placed. But you can be sure they received the respect they deserved.
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I put with Willelm's nobility's source of wealth as land ownership plus trade partnership in exotic fur trade and fashion with other kingdoms prior to the Second War; however, when the Gilnean Wall was erected, the wealth started to dwindle due to the shut-in economy, and the House of Salsborough had to rely on just land ownership to main some wealth.

The other folks provided great examples too, as well as sound background based on lore. Me, I got it from suggestions in the Skype chat. What we do have to remember, though, is the economic changes Gilnean likely suffered due to the Wall. Though real life societies did manage themselves during isolationist periods, Gilneas is an example of an extreme where a king suddenly changed the ways of life with the kingdom and cut their ties to the outside world--it wasn't gradual at all (as in the severance took probably weeks instead of years or decades).

Of course, I don't know how long it took for Greymane to get the Wall built. We can have a further talk in the Briarthorn chat.
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Zhaei nailed it. Every point he mentioned is key and very valid. Personally I'd believe that most current noble houses in Gilneas are those that funded the construction of the Greymane Wall.
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Character About Involvement
Causticity Blackbreath Goblin Alchemist -
Telaah Draenei Anchorite Writings of an Anchorite

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I figure there is most of what you need here already but, touching on what Zhaei said, what we did for House Harkov was take a great time of need and used it to get ahead. Extreme loyalty and offering any help necessary, as well as taking advantage of the issues such a crisis would cause such as perhaps a shortage of supplies. After war people would need a lot of things, and the people who are there to supply these things are likely to pull ahead in terms of social status.
Appreciate all the help folks! I should be rolling out a post regarding the family soon™.
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