Poll: How often would you like to have organized OOC meetings?
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Once a month!
4 20.00%
Once every-other-month!
4 20.00%
Once every three months!
1 5.00%
Once every six months!
10 50.00%
Only once per year, please!
1 5.00%
Total 20 vote(s) 100%
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OOC Meet'n'Greet Frequency
It has been brought to my attention that folks really enjoyed the OOC Meet'n'Greet and I thought it'd be nice to see what everyone's opinion is for how often we should do this.


As an avid RPer, I really don't think we should have these meetings *too* frequently, but I also feel like it helps with the community feel of the server.

In that same vein, if we do this more than once every other month or so, I will ask that someone else take over, as my schedule doesn't allow for that much planning time while school is going on.

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I think 6-12 months is good. Considering the traffic, there will be a fresh crowd with some of them vouched. It'll be something people can look forward to.

Maybe every 3... but that seems stale to me.
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Since the time that I posted this, I've been rethinking my own vote, actually... I really think that ever 6 months or so would be good. As Twilight said, too much and we'd all be bored to death with it.
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Exactly the same here, I thought Every 2, but then re-thought...
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As enjoyable as it was, I'm going for 6 months.

Otherwise it'd get boring, as mentioned above.
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