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Oceanside Trade Corp (take 2!)
I want to schedule an OOC meet and greet this weekend for the guildies and those who are a part of the guild roleplay but aren't in the actual guild roster. Are there any suggestions for a time and place to meet up?
I'm sorry I have to say this:

I want to get back into coth but I don't want to get back into the oceanside. I had fun for quite awhile, and appreciated the people in it, but over time I felt like I was more rping for the guild than myself. I just lost the enjoyment, and Tazzek was a hard character to keep interested in.

I'll be trying to find a way in the future to phase out the guild and the slaves. Tazzek will be deleted, and the Oceanside will be reverted to an NPC entity. In the future I am going to be moving out of my dad's house and then moving in with Rigley, so I don't see myself running a guild at all from here on out.
Awit hasn't been sold yet!

Well, someone's gotta buy him! Or rescue him.
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Yeah, I'm hoping everyone else will come forward with their needs as well.

I can have Kirolan buy off someone.
And I guess Rein can get sold if someone wants the Preddeh Boi.
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Nnngh... Still can't get online for at least a week or two. Maybe three :(

If anyone's willing to wait that long, then I could see Tress buying a slave, as long as they're active OOCly late night (9PM sever time to about 2 AM).
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Of the large list of slaves on the front, I see two that are for sale. Being mixed with whether they are up for sale, whether they still exist and whether they were already sold or not.
I think I'm gonna just delete the guild and the character at this point. I just don't think I'd have the time and will to get all the final sales done. I'm real sorry for any this will inconvenience but it just feels like too much for me.
No problems, sweetie. I bought Awit out myself, as it seems I had the feeling you're still largely disinterested in the guild. Awit's still a slave, however. I just RP his master(s).
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