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Official Laws of Azeroth
Currently, what's legel, what's not, and the punishment for those actions are all in somewhat of a gray area. I mentioned it once before on another post, but I figure I should make an actual tpoic on the matter. I think that a list of set rules for each major city on Azeroth should be compiled, and then a list of rules for every member of either faction as well. This would include the capitol cities of each major race, as well as rules laid out for the cartel cities as well. This way, we'll know what the law we're breaking is, and what the possible punishment will be. For example, here is the Stormwind Guard Laws made by the people over at the Earthen Ring wiki. If the idea is well accepted I wouldn't mind taking an hour or so out of my day (every day) for a few weeks to try and compile a list of laws for each of the races.
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I personally agree with this, it would be interesting and open up the 'Kay's and Nays of RP in certain areas etc. And for anyone wanting to play a lawyer. :P
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I like it. After having read through the laws I think I like some of their laws. Some of them aren't strict enough. But I still like the idea.
Wow. Sometimes I forget the past.
This is a great idea that sounds awesome, I'd gladly help make it if it's accepted and anyone needs help. I could easily turn my day into a writing fest for rules of Azeroth. I'd definitely would like a guide I could refer to and what not. Makes life easier.

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