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Google AdStuff

Oh those google ads...
Haha, wow....explosions of randomness.

Anyways I always found it funny the ads that pop up next to your emails in Gmail. Cause I think it picks up on keywords and gives you ads accordingly. I always got the weirdest ones...often for hair products and something about squirrels.

I think Myspace does that too because -every- time I go anywhere on that site the ads are always the same. Religious based. xD I thought this was hilarious because I posted a bunch of junk pertaining to my religious affiliations and suddenly the google ads kneew.
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Gewgel is taking over the world!

Anyway, I also keep getting the Six Pack ads... for some reason. So maybe it caches content from sites you've been to a few times?

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Beat this
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i know!
i get the same things.
like i get alt of BMX and WoW pop ups.
or all those other wanna be popular rpgs
i think its kinda funny :)
I'm just glad we don't get these:
(This site doesn't seem to be working for me atm)
Not many people get them bc of the housing market crash.

(I can't believe that campaign worked so damn well)
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