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Olivia Bayron - Gilnean Worgen Hunter
Player: MstrCorvus

Character Full Name: Olivia Bayron

Character In-Game Name: Olivia

Nickname: Lily

Race: Worgen

Class: Hunter

Skills and Abilities:

- Gun Nut: Olivia is proficient with the use and maintenance of rifles and shotguns.

- Live off the Land: Olivia is competent in the Fishing, Cooking, Skinning and Leatherworking professions.

Age: 23

Sex: Female

Hair: Black

Eyes: Blue

Weight: 57kg (Human) 110kg (Worgen)

Height: 168cm (Human) 216cm (Worgen)

Scale: 1

Appearance: Olivia is average height for a human woman of her age and her body is slim but muscular. Her black hair sits down to her shoulders and frames her young face. She has a large bite scar on both sides of her left shoulder, as if something has chomped over the top of it. Regardless of the armor she wears, there is a belt lined with pouches of bullets, fishing line and a small combat knife.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Personality: Olivia is a very determined person and when she sets her mind on a goal, she will let nothing stand in her way to achieve it. A survivalist by nature, she will accept someone as being friendly if they offer help with something because volunteering to aid someone you don’t know is worth more to her than any number of hearty handshakes. If she finds a friend then she will fight to any length to protect them and will do anything in her power to help them. This causes her to be caring about those close to her and distanced from strangers but her trust, once earned, will never be lost and will bring a zealous defender as a bonus. While she is loyal and determined to a certain goal, she isn’t humourless and will be light-hearted and pleasant when around friends and when she isn’t in danger.

Olivia was born in Gilneas a few years before the wall went up and as such, was too young to ever venture beyond it. She grew up as the only child to her mother, a big-game hunter, and her father, a fisherman. They lived on the outskirts of Tempest’s Reach, a town by the large channel of water between Gilneas and the mainland.

She inherited her parents love for being out in nature, whether she was clomping through the forest with her mother or spending hours sitting on a boat with her father. As she grew, she learnt how to live off the land. How to fish, cook basic food on a campfire as well as her mother teaching her how to carefully skin her catches and preserve the pelts to sell them. For her own safety, Olivia was taught how to use her mother’s rifle as well as how to clean it and keep it working.

Into her early teenage years, she began to venture into the woods alone some days to see how well she could survive on her own and to train herself to be one with the natural world. She would often go into the capital city to sell pelts she had collected and simple leather clothing she had crafted. Upon chance, she sold a vest to a city girl named Delia who was fascinated with Olivia’s workmanship on the leather. Over time, the two became fast friends and Olivia got to tag along to the ‘fancy’ events in the city

Despite her more domestic adventures, hunting and camping in the woods never lost its allure. This lifestyle kept going for years until the outbreak of the Worgen curse. She was in the city selling her latest catch when feral beasts began storming the streets and killing everyone in sight. She hid herself while the carnage raged around her and when things quieted down she looked for a way out of the city.
This search led her to meet up with a man named Jarred Wolfe and the pair agreed to help each other escape the city and, if necessary, Gilneas. They came across the body of Delia, Olivia’s best friend but there was no time to mourn while there could be a wild worgen around every corner. Olivia needed to go to her home and make sure her parents were okay and Jarred accompanied her.

Upon arriving home, she found that her father had been changed into a feral worgen and he set upon her, biting her in the process before Olivia was able to put him down. The overwhelming grief of losing her family, her best friend and the life she knew all at once was too much and she broke down emotionally. After hours of comforting from her new companion, she got herself together and steeled her mind for the journey ahead of them. After gathering her remaining things and saying farewell to her home, they got in her father’s boat and decided to sail down to the harbour to see if any ships would take them out of Gilneas.

Before they could reach their destination, Olivia’s bite slowly got worse until she was overcome by the worgen curse and turned feral. Before she could cause any harm, she was bound down and upon hearing about the invention of the serum, Jarred collected some and administered it to Olivia, restoring her sanity.

Once her mind had been returned to her, they eventually found passage out of Gilneas in the form of the Night Elves and, after performing the ritual of Inner Balance, travelled to Teldrassil with the rest of their people.
“Fairy tales do not tell children that dragons exist. Children already know that dragons exist. Fairy tales tell children that dragons can be killed.”
— G.K. Chesterton

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Have a puppy Ruby and a nice day.
It's good, but please remember to give your profiles a once-over for grammar in the future. There were a few little mistakes like missing full-stops at the end of sentences that you could easily have fixed yourself.

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