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Rensinnubfaec Wrote:I've personally have been trying to tell people that the biggest problem on the server right now isn't anything that has to do with people being biast, or hate, or anything that simple. Between players, and GMs, the root of everything is communication. We are a board. A forum. And to be -quite- honest, a lot of conflict comes from two things, a lack of constructive communication, and a misinterpritation of what people say.

Point in case. Something that REALLY bothers me, but I don't let people know, is that people generally peg me as some jerk. I -love- the server. I really do. So I do what I can as a GM to help with the rules, to try and get things done, and really, by communicating with people to try and make this a fun place.

However, due to me being quite blunt with my words, people easily get offended, and put a hostile tone on my words, which is quite easy to do. I try not to layer my posts with softening words that mess around with my point, like how some people do, and that can cause people to read my sentances as being cold and remote.

When I say "Please change this.", I'm not doing it to be a dick. I'm doing it because as a GM, I'm trying to make this place good.

Truth be told. Some people know this, but it can really, really hurt my feelings when I hear gossip about how I'm a "mean GM", or that people don't put me in the "nice category". Yeah, I'm blunt, but I'm a normal human with just as many emotions as any of you.

And lately, I'm freaking stressed. Heh, take this post however you'd like, but I can say I'm being honest with you guys.

Warning: I curse.

And this, is how I feel...to a T. Rensin and I have talked about this with each other, and you know, as frightening as it is, Rensin and myself are quite the same.

Since I didn't explain myself before, and because I love you guys and want you to understand, I will.
Everyday for the past TWO WEEKS, I have been receiving messages about people being disrespectful, cruel, rude, racists, intolerant, breaking rules?, yadda yadda yadda. I usually try to be discrete when dealing with these issues, as I do not -feel- like everyone needs to know what goes on with everyone privately. I usually just allow the stress of dealing with people ride on a few chosen friends on the server.

Now on top of dealing will all of this, I have a teething three-month old that is generally unhappy with life. On top of that, I have the stress of a wedding, my hubby going through an apprenticeship school and unable to help with the child OR house work, and the fact that I have FOUR LARGE SHOWS coming into the theatre I work at from now until the week before Christmas, I have been quite fluster-fucked stressed out.

Now saying that, CoTH was my stress-reliever. I got to bullshit with a bunch of people I like, but lately because of the few people who make it difficult, and players who think they..NEED TO KNOW EVERYTHING THAT IS GOING ON WITH OTHER PLAYERS BUSINESSES*...it makes me agitated and generally unfriendly. I know this, and I have been trying to be civil with everything. Believe me, this is civil....It just doesn't help when people try to criticize me in the chat channels or hearing about it from other people. I haven't been -wanting- to be here guys, but I -stay- because I know what a shit-hole this place could be if no one was enforcing the policies, or willingly choosing to do this job. (I.E. Azshara. ERPing Dragons much? No offense Weld. :> I <3 you still.)

I know I seem to take things to seriously because of the stress of real life, but it doesn't help when I hear about how much you dislike me. I have -feelings- guys. I don't like hearing that people hate me as much as the next; if I wanted you to tell me every single flaw I had, I would ask you to tell me, but I am not. I am asking you guys to follow the rules (Repeatedly) and to let us do our jobs. And I am not trying to blame you guys. I am trying to give you a reason behind this.

I took a nice weekend away you guys, and I really do want to be here. I am trying to stay relaxed and not flip out, so I am going to take a break from filling tickets, answering most questions, and dealing with the whole enforcing the rules thing. This doesn't mean you guys can curse in chat or say intolerant things either. If I can refrain from cursing in the chat channels, you guys can. Have you all not heard the podcasts?

All in all, I want you guys to talk to me if you have a problem with how I handle certain things. If you think I am going too far, then tell me and I will explain. If my explanation isn't enough for you, give me a suggestion on how to handle it next time.

*I am just trying to say, sometimes you guys don't need to know what is going on with another player. Their drama shouldn't have to be your drama;their suspensions/bans/warnings do not need to effect you. We aren't trying to hide it from you, but sometimes we do not have the right to tell you their business. If they want you to know, then they will tell you.

/The End

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Cressy and I used to butt heads a bit when she was a player and I was a GM. Reason being? We both wanted tohelp out the server... her as a player, and GM.

The only way we worked shit out, is by communicating. Yes, she did see some things about being a GM, but I did have to look at things from a prespective of a player.

Neither thing would have happened if we didn't talk.

And, as she said, we are both quite alike. We both have the SERVER in mind.
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△Move along.△


I've been skimmin' through this thread and I guess I do have something to say, no matter how often I say it regardless;

Do not be afraid to approach us.

I thoroughly enjoy helping people, and as such try and answer as many tickets as possible, help with whatever situation comes to hand and answer questions players might have. However, players don't often approach me enough for problems, I feel like i'm shirking on my duties as a GM when players don't want to talk to me to solve a problem. I honestly can say i've never gotten a PM of someone reporting someone else in my entire career, and it makes me wonder why. Do players just don't think to PM me? Do they not -want- to contact me for whatever reason?

You all have to remember, every last one of you, that we're here to help. I may be able to appear anywhere need be, but that doesn't mean i'm always there. If you get attacked in the middle of Stormwind on a bright and shiny day next to three guards, and let your character just die, then come and complain once their dead, you shouldn't have a right to complain. I don't know if this was used in the thread, something about the police, but if you are making a sandwich, and you don't tell the person next to you to hand you the Grey Poupon and instead just hit them across the face and tell them they should have handed it to you instinctively, don't be surprised when they bear their teeth at you.

We're doing what's expected of us, not what's expected of you.

What's expected of you is to tell us what is wrong, so we can live up to our expectations.

Exit, stage left,
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