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On Warlocks.
I think, Grakor, that summoning a Demon requires more power and that power might be darker in nature due to the creature you are summoning. Like if you summoned an imp, it'd be a darker spell then if you summoned someone from halfway across the planet. Plus you are summoning them from the Twisting Nether, a possibly demonic portion of the Nether. I'd assume that the power would have to be dark to not attract attention to it. You know because there are many demons who can summon other demons to himself.

So like if a mage decided to say "Aw what the hell" and summoned a Voidwalker or something he'd most likely get mauled by that Voidwalker and several other demons who were attracted to the arcane energies that popped in the void. And those energies were forming a portal to summon a demon so more demons would probably go through it as a sort of free ticket to Azeroth or wherever.

I like to think that Warlocks go through extensive training to control the dark and fel energies to make their summoning ritual one of dark magic as to avoid attention from other, possibly more powerful, demons that might be drawn to the portal and it's pure arcane qualities.

That is what I think about it.
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Well the big point here is: this answer could change my character's history. If summoning a demon doesn't equate to fel magic then he's never touched Fel. If it does...then there needs to be a bit more corruption.
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Again, there's nothing that firmly states that the process of binding demons is, in fact, fel magic itself. Even the Fel page on WoW-Wiki, dubious as it is, does not directly state that binding demons is fel magic. Even if you want to talk about the supposed link to Demonology, Demonology encompasses a lot of things beyond the mere binding of demons.

I have the feeling that a lot of this is mere conjecture. Even the supposed divide between "shadow", "fel" and such magic is not made within the game, and the RPG, again according to the wiki, distinguishes fel magic as magic empowered by demon blood, which is not what demonology is, nor is such ever stated to be required for demon binding.
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Alright, thanks Grakor. I think I'll be fixing my history so that there is no demon blood (as when I wrote it I ddin't know where fel came from)
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Quote:Fel Magic
When the demons brought death and damnation to Azeroth, they also carried their own brand of magic to the world. Fel magic is pure, evil, and arcane, and it resides in the blood of demons. This blood has magical properties; it addicts arcane magic users and can be used to create evil weapons.

Some arcanists can cast fel spells, perhaps after drinking demon blood. [...]

When a weapon is forged in demon blood, it becomes a fel weapon. It glows with a foul, yellow-green fire and deals extra damage to good-aligned opponents.

The Blood of Demons

Drinking demon blood grants all of the imbiber's arcane spells the descriptor for one hour, but this power does not come without a price. [...] become dependent on demon blood. Every day she does not imbibe demon blood, her caster level is reduced by -1 and she takes a -2 penality on all saving throws against spells and spell-like abilities. She can attempt to break the addiction every seven days by making another Will save; the DC increases by +2 after each week.
As an aside, the warlock's minions are considered "fel" companions, which -- to me -- infers some sort of fel magic is involved. He is also able to augment and bolster the creatures that he controls.
Well, Astus simply has a contract with his Voidwalker, and at least I don't believe he summons it using fel.
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Just would like to bring up a point about the warlocks and Old Gods relations. Not all warlocks serve the Burning Legion. In fact, most on Azeroth don't. Being a warlock simply means to seek ways of power, through Fel magic. I'd also like to bring up that there are members of the Twilight Hammer Cult who cast warlock spells (shadowbolt mostly) and have a pet imp or void walker.

Also, the nature of the Old Gods is very unclear, though recent lore from Ulduar suggest they are not actually from Azeroth, but have existed since around creation, and are beings who basically represent Chaos. Fel magic is chaotic, so I would not be surprised if some of their abilities come from there. Sargeras and the Burning Legion were not the inventors of Fel, and certainly can not control it. They are the perfect example of what happens when its corruptive power goes too far.

For all we know, Sargeras could have been corrupted by the Old Gods, or is in some way an unknowing servant. If the Burning Legion were to actually succeed in claiming Azeroth, they would probably free the Old Gods in the process. That's actually why (as silly as it is) they opened a rift in the space time continuum and sent Rhonin and his pals back to the War of the Ancients. They were hoping that Rhonin would mess things up, Sargeras's arrived would have broken their prison.

The Old Gods are much more powerful than Blizzard lets the players think, sure we can kill them but they never truly die, they are simply cast back into their prison near the core of Azeroth. They will do whatever it takes to get free from their prison, so if that included adding warlocks to their ranks, it would not surprise. And warlocks joining them doesn't surprise me, as the entire point of being a warlock is to be powerful, and the Old Gods offer just that. They can use any type of magic, it seems.
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Warlocks falling in love with their minions and vice versa.
Possible, but is it a bit.. clich� Childish? Frowned on?
Seen it a couple of times, just wanting input.
An totally illogical clichàif you ask me. Willingly and unaided falling in love with a demon is even more strange than love crossing races. Loving something that does not even follow the same rules of existance as you do and most likely wishes the world goner? Or for that matter I find it hard to in a good way describe love from a demon towards a mortal. (Apart maybe from love-fear from an imp.)
(02-24-2012, 10:15 AM)Piroska Wrote: Conspiracy. That's all it is; Kret's afraid that your pure, digital awesomeness would crash the server if it were allowed.
(06-14-2013, 05:42 PM)McKnighter Wrote: Bovel, Lord of Beards

Character About Involvement
Causticity Blackbreath Goblin Alchemist -
Telaah Draenei Anchorite Writings of an Anchorite

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Succubi are disturbingly affectionate thing. Albeit still al sadistic, brutal, irredeemably evil thing as all demons are.

Regardless, I'd think the exceedingly warped biology unanimous to the children of the Fel is revolting to most denizens of Azeroth.
Well as for the minions falling for the warlocks, it may be slightly Stockholm syndrome-esque. They might mistake a lack of abuse from their captors as being affection and fall for them. As for the other way around, it's clichàand I personally hate to see it, but I think it's wrong to impose my opinions on others. While I'd never do it myself, if someone wants to RP it I'm not going to tell them off for doing it.
Can Warlocks control Frost, at all?
I've always been told no. At least, this was long after I had already been using Frost on my Warlock. Doh!
In lore, yes. On the server, no. Grakor's said a few times that Warlocks are to be considered a completely separate, with the arcanist core class to being taken into account. Same way how a Necromancer can't use their former arcane powers, or Fel magic in the case of a warlock. In essence, the warlock loses his magi abilities when he begins to use fel, the same way a necromancer loses his other powers when he begins using death magic.
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Beltharean Wrote:In lore, yes. On the server, no. Grakor's said a few times that Warlocks are to be considered a completely separate, with the arcanist core class to being taken into account. Same way how a Necromancer can't use their former arcane powers, or Fel magic in the case of a warlock. In essence, the warlock loses his magi abilities when he begins to use fel, the same way a necromancer loses his other powers when he begins using death magic.
Do we know why?
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