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Once More unto the Breach, dear friends.
[Image: sptr6.gif]

The midnight air in Stormwind's forest makes for good traveling this time of year. A simply carriage trots through the winding woods with a simple coffin, bound for the home of a certain priestess beloved by both her friends and enemies. Unceremoniously, the coffin is left on the doorstep of her manor...some while later a shadowbeast appeared, guarding the coffin like a dog that has lost its master.

How the priest in the box had ended up here was through and act of sheer stupidity. Curiosity led him to be kidnapped and arrogance led him to tempt a rune with random effects, having your soul husked from the body being one of them.

While the body was being tended to by the somewhat peeved priestess, the corpse was enjoying a nice chat in the Netherworld.

[Image: portal_to_the_netherworld_by_sucno-d1it9hb.jpg]

"So that's what the meaning of life is, eh? Gotta say I never saw that coming."

"Not many do."

"So just about everything is wrong."


Just as their conversation finished, a golden hand appeared out of the darkness beckoning one of the souls to it. Aroes hesitated for just a moment before taking the hand. "There's always eternity to finish our discussions.."

As the golden light faded from one of the many guest rooms, the shattered corpse took a gasping breath.

"Still not yet.."

Killer: Rune
Resurrector: Annabelle Bronco
Short term drawbacks: General fatigue, shortness of sight, labored movements
Long term/permanent drawbacks: Inability to read arcane spellscript, decreased endurance, sudden moments of inability to concentrate.
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