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Once more, with feeling. [RC]
Defeated. again. This time in open battle with one of her best friends. . .Or so she had thought. Last time she died she had been defenseless, this time she was far from defenseless. She had been a God. . . Or so she thought. After a long and destructive battle, Alyiwen had proved that Abby was was far from being a God. So now she was back in this light forsaken world of lamenting spirits. She did not belong here. . .

This time, just like last time, she heard a voice with no source.
"Your job is not done on Azeroth." It said.
Abby recognized this. They said the same thing last time. but this time, the voice was. . .different. Darker and more. . .Chaotic.
"I know." She answered it.
"So you agree?"
"I do."
"You know the deal."
"I do."
The voice changed tone. Keeping it's dark aura but Abby could hear a trace of. . .Joy?
"Very well."

Abby could not see whatever causing the voice leave, but she knew it had left. The spirit world started to blur out of existence. She couldn't help but grin. This time, there would be no stopping here. Because she knew, in her heart, that she was destined to become a God.




the spirits and elements and whatnot.


Way of resurrection:



Short term:
Desynchronized from the elements. She can't cast her spells, for now.
Blurry vision. Her eyes haven't been used for a full week.

Long term:
Her muscles are weak, being dead and all

Permanent drawbacks:
Heart problems. You know, being stabbed through the heart tends to leave a mark.
Being forced to withstand large amounts of unholy and runic energies has tainted her. She sometimes get sick for no apparent reason
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