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Ophelia Blacktear (Sin'dorei Hunter (Reprofile/update))
Player: Maarten

Character Full Name: Ophelia Blacktear

Character In-Game Name: Ophelia

Nickname(s): Oph, Bastard, Ophelia Snow

Association(s): Herself, her friends

Race: Blood elf

Class: Hunter

Skills and Abilities:

Beast Master: Ophelia is great with animals.

Weapons? No problem: Ophelia is well adapted with many different kinds of weapons.

Enchanted Pistols: Ophelia had her pistols enchanted to require less reloading. Instead of the regular bullets, the pistols use Arcane 'batteries', which needs the occasional reloading or replacement.

Age: 96

Sex: Female

Hair: Brown, usually loose

Eyes: Fel green

Weight: 50 kg

Height: 1.75 meter

Scale: 1.0

Usual Garments/Armor: Ophelia has recently gotten herself a purple set of mail armour, though her previous leather sets are still something she is often seen it. What she wears depends most on the situation.

Other: She has three pets. Kaeden, a dark blue wind serpent. Rima, a lynx and Sam a worg.

Personality: Ophelia is nice to her friends. She tries to be less easily offended but still has her moments. Her overconfidence in herself has dwindled, sooner looking at her options than outright going into battle.

She has a love for her companions almost the equivalent of a mother. Ophelia usually has a neutral look to people. She is stubborn and has trouble learning anything. Ophelia hates the fact that the Sin'dorei turned against the humans, especially knowing how kind humans can be.

History: Ophelia was born a bastard to Tylanis Senn'raethi and Daelestra Amberforge, one of House Senn'raethi's personal guard. As soon as Tylanis discovered Daelestra was pregnant, he sent her away with another guard. They travelled by carriage but before they arrived at their destination, Daelestra gave birth to her bastard child. The Trolls were attracted to the noise.

By the time Ophelia was born, the Trolls swarmed the carriage. There was no way out, and as such, they hid the child as well as they could, then made their last stand. Weak as she was, Daelestra was quickly cut down, shortly after followed by her companion. Just as the Trolls started searching the carriage, a regiment of the Silvermoon Army arrived. Hearing the cries of the child, one of the men took the child and told his superiour. Deciding not to waste time, the officer told her soldier to bring the child to the orphanage. The man did as was ordered and Ophelia ended up in the orphanage without a name.

Here she was raised until the age of three when she was adopted by an unlikely new mother, a human, barely the age of thirty. This woman named the young Elf after her own mother, Ophelia.

When she turned sixteen her mother finally allowed her to practice with the bow and a set of blades. Her new mother always kept a close eye on her. Ophelia became skilled with her blades but her skill with the bow was always lacking. In frustration she bought a rifle from that little coin she made. She returned with it to her mother and at first, she refused to let Ophelia practice with the weapon. After a discussion with her mother, she finally let Ophelia train with the weapon.

At the age of fifty she became highly accurate with her rifle against stationary targets but she was unable to hit a moving target even after several years. At the age of fifty-five she was finally able to hit a moving target but not in a way that would leave a big wound or death. She also kept practicing how to disassemble and reassemble her rifle within a matter of minutes, being able to replace most parts of it should a part break. She kept practicing with her rifle to be able to hit moving targets. As Ophelia kept training, her mother grew older and older and when Ophelia was sixty-two, her 'mother' passed away at the age of ninety-one. Ophelia mourned her loss for half a year, now all alone for the first time in her life. All friends she made during her youth died or moved on and she was still a child.

She sold her mother's house and left to Silvermoon, trying to start a life with her own kin. Each time she told someone she was raised by a human, most would frown upon her.

She tried over and over again but each time she told people she was raised by a human, there was this vibe of hostility towards her and a lot of times they turned their back on her. Ophelia eventually ran from Silvermoon and into the wild. Only the occasional traveller came by to talk to her and her entire life from now on was living of the hunt. Once the First War started, Ophelia heard of it and ignored it, only wondering what Orcs were or where they came from. Years later she once more learnt of another year between Orcs and humans, this time she was closer to the War, actually observing a lot of it. The Orcs fought with savagery and honor the likes she had never seen before and Ophelia was impressed.

Ophelia returned to Silvermoon after the war's end but this time, she never mentioned who raised her or where. In Silvermoon she found someone to help her with her rifle aiming and even her bow. During one of their training trips she found a lynx, young and without anyone around to protect her. She took the little lynx in and trained with her, becoming quite the team.

When the Scourge attacked, Ophelia was quite the skilled markwoman and beast master. She observed the undead approaching and knew it was not worth to fight and risk her life so she ran away.

She ran until she reached a safe haven for her and her lynx, Rima, to stay. Here they helped with the defense and the gathering of food. After surviving for quite some time they fled on a boat towards Kalimdor where an army of the Alliance set up camp. She helped with the defense and sometimes helped on the improvised farms.

During one of her scout trips in the barrens she found a small, wounded worg and took him in, raising him back to full health and naming him Sam. After the war she returned home again, finding her Silvermoon in ruin. With help of other survivors she managed to rebuild again.

As all members of the Elven race she suffered from her addiction. Out of options she did what the rest of her kind did and turned to the fel. She rejoined her kin and, with reluctance, started naming herself a Blood Elf as well.

Once she learned of the Elves joining the Horde, Ophelia left Silvermoon in the hopes to be allowed into Stormwind to prove not all Elves hate the humans. Alas, when she arrived, she was greeted with swords and racism. Devastated by this sudden hate for her kin, especially from a race that had proven itself caring and nice to her, she turned away from Alliance lands and returned to Silvermoon.

During one of her “I am bored, I want some action” moments she left home with nothing but her leather suit, her rifle and her sword. She returned to Kalimdor and managed to find a dark blue wind serpent. She managed to tame him after a fight, including a bite, poisoning her. At first Rima, Sam and Kaeden couldn’t be in the same room together but after a while they learned to accept and eventually protect each other should the need arise. She trained her pets for several years, they usually listen to any commands she gives them and usually just treats them as friends.

The Cataclysm eventually happened. She remained unaffected by any of the actions but felt sorry for the people she grew up with, living near the heart of one of Deathwing's strike. Unable to do anything about it, she shrugged it off and continued her life.

It wasn't until about a year ago that she started searching for her birth parents. She found the orphanage she grew up in, located in what now are the Ghostlands. She took any and all files related to her started her search.

During one of her searches, she came across an older woman, Ashilynn Senn'raethi. The two talked for a while, somehow seeing something familiar in Ophelia. The younger Elf showed Ashilynn one of the news articles from the time she was born and the older woman slowly started realizing something. Tylanis, Ashilynn's late husband, cheated on her and Oph was the offspring!

Ashilynn snapped at Ophelia, the two quickly parting ways. Opehlia returned to her lover, the two talking and deciding to live their life as normal as possible. Their future remains a mystery.
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