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Ophice Dawnblood [Belf][Hunter][Noble-Special]

Character Full Name: Ophice Dawnblood

Character In-Game Name: Ophice

Nickname(s): None.

Association(s): Silvermoon and the Horde

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Hunter

Skills and Abilities: She is quite good with a bow/crossbow and is known for having great skill with her kicks and punches.

Age: A hundred and thirty-two

Sex: Female

Hair: Brunette with back length hair.

Eyes: Green

Weight: A hundred fifty-five pounds

Height: Five feet eleven inches

Usual Garments/Armor: She tends to wear the leathers she crafts, but if and when forced (by her family) to wear, she can be seen in elegant gowns.

Other: Ophice is quite a good leatherworker...

Personality: Ophice is full of conflicting personalities. While one moment she can be poised, lady-like and practicing proper etiquette, another moment she is downing alcohol and talking like a sailor. It isn't that she is bi-polar or with multiple personalities, but that she is unsure of who she is and where her true persona lies. Is she the noble woman she was raised to be, or the crude, wild and roughen person she chose to become?


Born into a family of blue-bloods, Ophice was raised to become the normal noble woman. She was educated in mathematics, literature, politics and religion, found enjoyment in sewing and dance, and spent time learning to ride her strider and horse with ease. She was being raised to be another bell of the wealthy, married off to man who's family was similar in class and lifestyle. For many years, she was okay with this, the whole concept and belief that she could and would be a wife to a man who could cherish her and give her the things she needed and wanted.

But things changed. She watched her elder sister go from a beautiful, confident women into something else. She had never seen someone so miserable in her lifetime. Would she hold the same fate as her sister? To be married off to a man she knew little about or had little in common with? The thought of this weighed heavy on her mind for many months before she came to a conclusion.

"I will never let them control my destiny."

And so, she didn't. She removed herself from the household with only a few articles of clothing, her family ring, a bow and her strider. While she did not wish to live their lifestyle, she did not wish to forget them.

She soon found work apprenticing in a leatherworkers shop and found herself sleeping in the backroom in exchange for her labor. The once dainty fingers of a noble became rough and calloused like a day laborer. While there, her master taught her the art of skinning, tanning and curing leather, and how to be like the other men in the area; drunk, belligerent, and rowdy.

Eventually, her home city became invaded by the Scourge armies, forcing her to seek refuge outside of the city walls. Her master and herself stayed in the forests and helped others hunt and stay warm throughout the destruction of their city. When it finally began to be rebuilt, Ophice realized she did not feel the same about the city and opted for another lifestyle change, one where she traveled and made leather goods.

For the first time in years, she returned back to the city of Silvermoon and has been in contact with her family. While they are disgusted in the way she lives, they hold high hopes that they can make her someday return to being the daughter they raised.

...Good luck with that.
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Can a gm or forum helper move this to the special area?
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On it.
Quote:[8:53AM] Cassius: Xigo is the best guy ever. he doesn't afraid of anything.
Thanks, nubcake!
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I have but one request!

Quote:While one moment she can be poised, etiquette and lady-like, another moment she is downing alcohol and talking like a sailor.

I believe the word you want there is eloquent, or to state that she has good etiquette.

That's all! I'll come back and poke this into approved once that's done.
With etiquette* Fixed!
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