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Orcs and Trolls
I was going to send this as a PM, but then maybe some others have something to say too -

I have a few questions about Orcs and Trolls relations. Are they close like Humans are to Dwarves or even more? Would it be unlikely to see a Half Orc/Troll or to see an Orc Headhunter or a Troll Raider? (On a Raptor, though!)

I think there are a few obvious things they both don't share, but there's probably a lot they do have in common. I'd like to know where the line is drawn on the server, on what I can and cant do, and what can and can't be expected (I've got a few ideas. The Orc Headhunter and Troll Raider being two of them :) )

Please explain and discuss.
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Half anything isn´t allowed on the server.

I think the Darkspears are rather close with Thrall´s orcs, and the troll tribes in Blackrock mountain are rather close with Rend´s guys. Cross breeding is probably possible, not very common though when we take into account that Darkspears are a small tribe (compared to the other jungle tribes at least) and that they have suffered losses over a few years (Zalzane, the human invasion and the second plague- plus the years on the sea-witch´s island).

No idea about orc headhunter and that, guess it is possible, not too common though.

Qaza is the troll expert so she might have some great, wise and inspiring thougths.
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Wise and inspiring thoughts are the best kind! :D
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Remember, trolls are extremely xenophobic. The likelyhood of a sane (by troll standards) troll getting it on with an orc (or any other race) is very, VERY slim. That along with the no half-(insert race here) rule makes that sort of character unusable.

Now, on to culture: The Darkspears picked up shamanism from the orcs and tauren, along with some other cultural things (like treating females at equals (kind of) and not eating other sentient beings), so seeing a troll emulating an orc tradition or vice versa may become more and more common as the two cultures blend.

Does that help?
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A lot! I gave the Half Orc/Troll some thought, and it put lots of weird images in my head. :shock: (Tusks, Three Fingers, Beards, Orc Bloodfury + Troll Berserk!) It's a pretty scary thought.

Thanks for the info, I'll think more on it. ( I've been playing too much Warcraft 3 and daydreaming at the same time.)
ಠ_ಠ : Like Fo Fi Cops.

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