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[Order of Virtue] Open Mini-Event Listing!
In the same vein as the awesome Argent Crusade Mission Board and Black Harvest Mission Board, the following is a listing of mini-event RPs that are meant to inspire and create RP within the guild (and those who would reasonably associate with the guild) and build activity! No more heroes who don't do anything!

Now while most of these can be DMed without my presence, there are a few that do. The following key will denote which are which:

OPEN: This event is open for anyone to schedule and run at any time they want! Everything is open for improvisation.

LIMITED: This event can be DMed by anyone and is open to limited improvisation. I likely have a few OOC notes you'll need to know if you wish to run this!

RESTRICTED: This event requires me to DM it, either through an NPC dummy character, or through Cristovao. You're still free to express interest and assist in running it, though.

STORYLINE: This event is part of a storyline! Completing it will unlock new events to follow!

All of these events are meant to be simple and short, around two hours at most. They require no GM assistance, no phasing, and no spawning, so they are user-friendly, accessible, and easy to get into! Here you go!

Elwynn Forest:
Quote:The Burden of Loss


There is a grieving parent at the Goldshire cemetery, mourning the loss of a child who perished in a recent conflict and having a crisis of faith. Show him the Light's grace and compassion!

Quote:Stonefield Snatchers


The Stonefield family farmlands have been suffering thievery and violence from the local gnolls and kobold populations. See what you can do to put an end to the mess as quickly as possible.

Quote:Private Forest


At Westbrook Garrison, a freshly recruited Stormwind soldier is feeling a bit edgy trying to get accommodated. He's not allowed off the base, so do what you can to adjust him into his new life.

Quote:The Long Road Ahead


With the fortification of Sentinel Hill and the return off the Westfall Brigade, the population has been steadily increasing as pilgrims and travelers flock to the breadbasket of Stormwind. However, the roads are still dangerous and these people are defenseless, with nothing to lose. Help them!

Quote:These Walls Won't Build Themselves


Sentinel Hill has become a haven for Westfall's restoration since the fall of the Defias and the return of the Westfall Brigade from Northrend. But the job is a long and hard one to make it a real heart of Alliance safety, so offer your help!

Quote:Missing in Moonbrook


One of the migrant families of Sentinel Hill has lost their children, who have run out of the safety of the walls of the town and wandered into the ruins of Moonbrook. While the Defias are defeated, the danger of stragglers exists, so these children need to be found as soon as possible!

Quote:The Lonely Lighthouse


A solitary traveler wishes to make way from Sentinel Hill to the dagger cliffs. It is far too risky for her to go it alone, so do the right thing and escort her on her travels.

Quote:Echoes of Solidarity


The Solidarity movement was destroyed at the hands of Defias infiltration, and much of its supporters have left the memory behind. However, there are a few who stick it out in Duskwood to do what work they can from the ruins of their old headquarters, maybe you should see what you can do for them?

Quote:Let the Dead Rest


Raven Hill has long been a recurring hive for criminal and vile activity: highwayment, thieves, murderers, and darkcasters all have called this place home before. Now there are rumors of grave robbers using the place as a hideout, and they should be stopped.

Quote:This Bridge Won't Build Itself, Either


Lake Everstill's bridge has faced delay after delay in its construction, with finances, orcs, and laborers all being problematic. Do what you can to pitch in!
Your stories will always remain...
[Image: nIapRMV.png?1]
... as will your valiant hearts.
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  • ImagenAshyun, Zenethen
Getting Started

Because I am a derp who failed to explain how to set these up.

So, you want to run one of these fine mini events, eh? Well there's a simple process to follow to make sure everyone's on the same page!

1: Pick an event you'd like to run, or help run!

2: Compose a PM and send it to me describing your ideas and rules for running the event. If the event is limited or restricted, this is when I share with you any behind the scenes info you may need!

3: Schedule a time, spread the word, and gather interest! These RPs don't do nobody any good if noone shows up!

4: Once the RP's been completed, PM me to let me know (if I didn't participate), and I'll mark that event as COMPLETED! If there is a storyline, I will update with the next episode.

5: Check back from time to time to see new events available! Feel free to suggest your own as well!
Your stories will always remain...
[Image: nIapRMV.png?1]
... as will your valiant hearts.

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