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Orione's introduction
--First and foremost: Tell us about yourself, as a player:
(This can be anything. We like to get a feel for those that will be integrating themselves into our community.)
Well, I love RPGs. Particularly challenging ones. I always find myself modding my games to lower xp and drop rates, raise enemy difficulty, etc. I like games to be realistically hard. I also like strategy games, but I have little interest in single-player ones. Strategy games just feel so empty when your opponent is incapable of thinking for itself.

--What country do you come from? What is your primary language?:
(We ask this, as we take this into consideration with players that do not primarily speak English.)
I come from America, I speak English. In the words of Stan Lee, "nuff said".

--How did you get into Warcraft?:
Warcraft 3. I can't get enough of Warcraft 3. Whether I'm playing the normal game, or the millions of fun, innovative custom games, it's simply amazing.

--What made you seek our server over others?:
The desire to rp with people who will take it reasonably seriously.

--What kinds of roleplay do you enjoy?:
(Some enjoy relaxing tavern roleplay. Others enjoy fighting, action and danger. Some in crowds, some in pairs. What appeals to you the most?)
I enjoy exploring, fighting, quests, basically just adventuring through the world with a small group of people (2-5 usually, but I am perfectly capable of participating in large groups, and relaxing rp as well.)

--What is your favorite race/class? Why?:
Hmmm, that's a tough question. Well, as for race, I like the night elves. I like their magical abilities, their affinity for nature, their skill with the bow and arrow, pretty much everything about them. I tend to lean toward the nature-loving classes. Druids, hunters, rangers, etc. I like the idea of being in tune with nature, and the ability to summon assistance from flora and fauna. I also like their relative neutrality, the way they generally stay out of the petty squabbles of other factions. I'm a bit of an anarchist at heart so I'm usually a chaotic good or neutral character. When it comes to equipment I like to go light, cloth, leather, daggers, bows and arrows of course. I like to be quick and, if need be, stealthy.

--What are your expectations of this server?:
Pretty much the same as my answer to your fourth question: rp players who will take it reasonably seriously.

--Out of all of our rules and regulations listed on our server, which appeals to you the most?:
--(Feel free to review our rules listed here.)
The measures taken to keep out people who will depreciate the fun. All these regulations give me a sense of confidence that I will find good rp players on this server (should you choose to accept me).

--Lastly, tell us a story! It can be short, it can be long; but most importantly, we want to see your work in action. Go!:

"Captain Terrowin , we found something, I think you should see it".

"Show me... these unnatural creatures have been a blight on our city for long enough".

The city's guards, led by the paladin, Terrowin, had been searching for the source of the undead for weeks now. They have been preying on the people of the city every night. Now they finally found the unholy nest.

The guard led his captain to a large opening in the wall of the sewers.
"We think they gathered under a nearby graveyard and expanded until they reached the wall of this canal"

"So they've been coming right out from under our noses this whole time? Well it's time to end it. Gather the troops."

"yes, sir"

Terrowin led his small force of about 25 men into the opening. They walked and walked and walked, it went much further down than any of them expected. The only resistance they met was a few zombies. They are slow, predictable and weak, capable of killing a normal human with his guard down, but no match for a trained soldier.

"Ha! these creatures are pathetic. This is easier than I expected."

"Don't let your guard down, soldier.", said Captain Terrowin

They continued on through the tunnel. It was getting darker and darker. Their torches could barely light the way. It was almost as if the darkness itself was choking the light out.

"Did you hear that?", said one of the soldiers.

"Don't worry it's probably just another mindless zombie."

"No, it's sounded different, I have a bad feeling about this place."

Just then, something darted at the soldier, and struck him on the chest, knocking him to the ground. The creature raised its clawed hand for the killing blow, when a shining sword burst through its stomach.

"C-Captain, what is that thing?"
The captain pulled his sword out of the creature and examined it.
"These are not the slow mindless zombies you are used to. They are faster, stronger and smarter... they are ghouls"

"W-What do we do?"

"We continue on, no matter how strong the enemy is, we will fight and win."

They continued through the tunnel and came to a huge room full of ghouls, zombies, and corpses. When the undead noticed them, they quickly attacked. The soldiers were well trained and well equipped, but the ghouls were vicious fighters, tackling soldiers with amazing force and tearing into their armor with huge jagged claws. The soldiers fought bravely, killing many of them, but they were relentless. They were so many and the soldiers were so few.

"Captain! we must retreat! This is hopeless!"

"No! If we retreat, they will only kill more of our people! We have to end it here!"

Terrowin was an amazing fighter. The ghouls attacked him from all angles, but he met every one of them with a swift powerful swing of his sword. They seemed to recognize him as the leader because more and more began attacking him at once. There must have been 30 of them all leaping at him at the same time. He was buried under a mountain of undead abominations. All hope seemed lost, when a huge burst of bright light shot out of the pile. It seared all the ghouls around him and sent them crashing against the walls, all of them dead or severely wounded.

"Captain! You did it! We won!"

"Lets go home", said Terrowin.

Then all the wounded undead, began crawling toward the coffin in the center of the room, scratching at it, as if they were asking it for help. Terrowin heard the noises and turned around.

"What are those unholy beasts up to now?"

Then the coffin opened up, and some kind of dark figure shot out of it with ubelievable speed, far too fast for anyone to make out what it was. Terrowin and his soldiers looked around frantically. The dark figure darted back and forth picking off the soldiers and tearing them apart with ease. It quickly dispatched all of the remaining soldiers, leaving only Terrowin alive.

"Come out and fight me, demon! You do not scare me! Good will always defeat evil!"

The creature appeared in front of Terrowin. It was a huge monstrosity, with a hideous beastly face, stained deep black with piercing red eyes and razor sharp abnormally long teeth (even for a terrible beast). It had long thin limbs with dagger-like claws on the ends of it's hands. A strange black miasma emanated from its entire body.

"What are you?!", said Terrowin

"I am a vampire", said the beast in a deep, slow, grating voice.

"You are like no vampire I've ever seen!"

"You humans think all you perceive is all that there is, there is more to us than you can possibly imagine"

"What are you talking about you unholy creature!"

"I don't need to explain myself to a mere human"

"Well whatever you are, your life ends here!"

Terrowin swung his sword at the beast unleashing a blinding light. It pierced straight through the beast's chest, but the light was extinguished as soon as the sword connected. Terrowin's precious holy sword turned to ash inside the creature's body.

"No... No! No!, How can this be?! I am a paladin! A holy knight! A warrior for God! I cannot lose!

The vampire grabbed Terrowin by the throat and whispered, "Be silent", and the black miasma surrounding him engulfed Terrowin, flooding into his eyes and mouth, and surrounding his body until he had completely vanished.

"What poor misguided creatures humans are, they will never understand the totality of existence...
"I must return to my eternal sleep..." said the vampire as he crawled back into the coffin.

THE END, I hope you like it. :D
PS: I hope it's okay that it's not based on warcraft lore.
This is my sig,
There are many like it,
But this one is mine.
Welcome to the server!

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