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Patch 2.4 - and information re: future patch/expansions
Recently there's been discussion about the recent patches and expansions of World of Warcraft and their inpact upon this server. We'd like to try and dispel rumours and speculation before it starts and make everyone aware of the plans for the server before 2.4 and the next expansion goes live:

Whenever new content is added to the Live servers, it takes at least several weeks before we're able to implement it here; getting quests working, fixes put in, and so forth. Also, as is all too often the case, game content often requires scripting, which is not something we're capable of doing, and as such most quests, items, game events or other dynamic content just doesn't manage to make it to an emulated server and is impossible to fix. Add the inevitable "nerfs" and changes which occur after a patch goes live and we're talking a considerable amount of work. So we cannot guarantee that the patches or expansions will coincide with the Live releases of patches, but we will add content as soon as possible.

In addition to this - keep in mind that we are adhering to the lore of the server, which means that there is, in essence, no actual new IC content, considering the timeline of the server itself. The Sunwell will not have suddenly appeared - it has always been there. We know this can sometimes get tricky to play when there are so many changes, but we ask people to not suddenly incorporate tons of new backstory to their characters solely due to a new patch.

Primarily, this is a roleplaying server, and the world is merely a backdrop for our stories. Enjoy your time on Live when you wish to see all the content new patches and expansions have on offer, and enjoy your time here when you wish to roleplay!

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