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Patch 3.1 - Do Not Patch!

As those that play on Retail still are aware, Patch 3.1 is coming out today (Tuesday). Those of you that still switch between here and Retail, be sure you that you make a copy of your WoW folder before patching up, otherwise you may not be able to reconnect to the server for several weeks unless you manage to patch back down.

For those that don't play on retail, be sure that your realmlist matches the one here on the site, and also ensure that the "Show Launcher" option on the log-in screen in the lower-left corner is unchecked.
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When will you actually be upgrading to the 3.1.0 patch? I'm a regular retail player, but I've played on private servers before and don't really plan on downgrading.
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When there´s a stable emulator, presumably, and when that will be out we have no idea, that´s up to the devs.
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When will we upgrade?
Nostra Wrote:When there´s a stable emulator, presumably, and when that will be out we have no idea, that´s up to the devs.

Your answer was right about where you posted, heh.
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hi, i have just joined and my intro is pending so i thought id look around...

for anybody that needs it, the latest working way of downpatching is by deleting your wow.exe file found in your world of warcraft main folder, after that use the repair, check and repair, WoTLK installee's will be returned to the patch 3.0.1 i think
(DO NOT DELETE PATCH FILES LIKE OTHER PLACES SAY!!! this will result in the repair saying that the game is badly damaged and needs to be reinstalled!!!)
after you have been downgraded, you will have to get to the required patch, so start patching up....you should already have all the patches downloaded so there should be no download needed, just let the patcher do its thing and stop it at the desired patch...

hope this helps somebody :)
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It's May 17th now, is there going to be a patch-up to 3.1 any time soon? I hate to downgrade.
It doesn't matter what day it is, the patch is still not on our emulator and won't be until it's stable enough to run. Until it is, you'll need to patch down to play here.
Ok, I was just wondering. Guess I'll have to Downgrade then, ahhh can't wait to play again.
I was just wondering how I could downgrade?
Check here: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=8623
All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare!

How far along is the ArcEMU work on Patch 3.1, out of curiousity? Does anyone know?
Your guess is just as good as mine. Check at the official website if you're interested.
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This isn't the place for me to lay out my misgivings about the ArcEmu team, but I don't think it'll be out for some time yet at the stability we want.
I have read all the guides thoroughly, and done as my son who plays on several private servers suggested. I made a full copy of the game on my desktop, and renamed the outer folder for this realm, leaving the inner folder the copy of the game. I then deleted the file mpq file as is suggested in this guide. I ran blizzard repair, it attempted to repair more, I stopped it. I down loaded the patches to my desk top, attempted to install them but got told I was still patched to the current commercial patch. In the copy folder I deleted those other patches, tried to install once again. None of this has worked. I fear I have still missed something. I play daily on commercial wow, and do not want to patch up every day... so... what am I doing wrong?

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