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Patch Version?
I've just reinstalled Warcraft in order to play because I patched up to 3.1.1 not realizing that many servers don't support it. When I made my server account it told me to patch to 3.0.3 so I downloaded it by just launching Warcraft with default realmlist. So now I'm on 3.0.3 and when I try to connect to CotH it tells me it cannot verify game version. It's happened to me before so I assume it's because I'm on the wrong patch. Some places say 2.43 ( seems pretty old ) and some say 3.09. Which one is it? What should I patch to?
Last one before 3.1, I think 3.09 would be correct.
From what I understand, we are currently on Patch 3.0.9/3.0.8a.
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Both 3.0.8a and 3.0.9 (Builds 9506 & 9551) work fine at the moment.
Had the first one two weeks ago and updated to the latter somewhere around last week.
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Quick responses! Awesome!
I have a similar, though sort of opposite question.

I tried to log on today after a thoroughly uninspiring day of hearing about hip replacements, bypass surgeries and Social Security. Much to my dismay, WoW told me I didn't have directX. This is a lie, because I've played WoW on this computer before, but I installed it again just to appease the computer gods.

Afterwards, I tried again and it went to the 'downloading update' screen (you know, the NElf land background, ticking percentage). I launched WoW straight from the exe, not the launcher, and I double checked that my realmlist is still correct.

I closed that puppy quick because I didn't want to patch up when I hadn't heard anything about a server update.

Any ideas? I tried again and it still does the same thing.

Thanks in advance.
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It does say "set patchlist coth.gamehost.com" or something like that, right?
Make sure that your realmlist is correct, search for it, and make sure there isn't a hidden one leading to Retail? :P Otherwise, that problem shouldn't happen.

Oh, Catrynne, it might help a bit if you said where you say '2.4.3' and '3.0.3' so they can be fixed, to avoid confusion in the future.

I did a search for 'realmlist' just now and only came up with one (the correct one).

When I'm at the login in screen my version says .9551, so I didn't somehow magically get downpatched... Not that that seems very likely, but I'm looking at all possibilities.

This is so odd because as far as I know, nothing has changed. I just haven't played in a while, but nothing has been moved around or deleted (that I know of). It even replayed the opening Wrath cinematic for me the first time I tried to start it, which is when I knew something was up.
Bury me on my feet. I have lived my entire life on my knees.

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