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The candle's light was dancing, while the Sin'dorei's shadow dipped the quil inside the canister and continued writing. The brat of an Elf rolled all the parchments and sealed them, with the Ridaken sign. Each time she sealed it, her sighs became heavier.

"That is it..." The girl muttered, placing the first letter on an empty wooden desk which was placed one room infront of her's. To Izshandriel Was written on that Parchment. Celen looked at the desk one more time before she dimmed the candle and wore her black cloak on. She tugged the black hood with her light mail gauntlets during her walk outside of the Crypt. Celen gave one more glance over her shoulder and left, leaving most of her belongings behind her, except one longsword.

The forest was bright and the singing birds were happy I guess this is why they called it Eversong woods. The soon to be adventurer thought as she gave the letter to a guard."Give this one to Lady Reigen of house Sunfire." She then gave him one more nod and left.

The other two letters were sent, by magic or by messenger. The first was done by magic. To Varyis and the second was by Messenger."To Gavin.".

Celen did not hesitate when she finished saying her goodbyes before vanishing, once again to the dark. She was not too-sure on what she will find, but she felt like something awaits. That thing is called maturing, some might laugh by only hearing that word combonation by Celen. The others will just ignore her, like the rest.

"This time.. I'll make it count." Celen said to herself when she stepped down from the ship onto the cold plains of Northrend. The Elf gulped."It's time, to return to the shadows. the mutter echoed in her head few steps in; however, that is only the start of that.
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The wind whistled sharply, as the ice cold night went on the plains of Northrend. The sound of a flailing flag could be heard if you stood within ten yards by the black hooded figure, its cloak rippled at the direction the wind was migrating to. The footsteps she left on the tundra were not quick to turn back to their previous state since most of the plants the womanly-shaped figure encountered were either dead or frozen, that even a slight touch would shatter the ice.

Bordem. The thought crossed her mind like an arrow flying pass one's ear to reach its destination, much like the arrow, the elf's name passed from a few ears to know who is the new bratty traveler who decided to get to the peaks.

They laughed at her, because no 'Stupid brat.' Ever go to the storm peaks with no form of help. Some of us already know how Celen hates the aid of others, that is why she is a 'stupid brat' after all.

The misunderstood Sin'dorei looked around with curious eyes."...No on-" Her gaze got trapped on the distant fire, she didn't care if they were hostile or not. She needed to hunt.

And that's what they allow.


"Pffffftttttt." Was the sound she made before she bursted into laughter. Well, everyone would, the sight of drunk dwarf rocking a drunk goblin with a milk bottle in the Goblin's mouth with a circle of drunk races cheering the two. "Oh.. Light.." she calms down with her laughter as the bartender comes to her and greets her."Hello there, Ma'dam elf, welcome to the wandering Lounge. Please do not mind the drunk folk, they are having a drinking game and those who lose also have to do a mission." The bartender says in a polite voice and a smile, but Celen knew he is somewhat annoyed by them, most likely scared a few people away. "Would you like to make a purchase?" He asked her once, and then twice, after that he just left her be.

After a few minutes of staring, the hooded Elf broke her gaze from the cricle with her little childish smirk only to see the bartender going. ... I spaced out again. She thought to herself as she released a sigh. The Sin'dorei walked over to the bartender and asked."So, who are they?" She looked from him back to the people. The bartender looked at her and then to the group."Oh, they are some Nesingwary people, and if you used your ears correctly, you would have heard of them." He lets out a little chuckle, most likely some inside joke, She thought.

"Oooookay then." She nodded to him and turned around, looking at the group. Well, I could tag with the group and maybe they will help me in getting to the Stormpeaks, but they are only men, and they do not seem the wisest... She turned around to look at the Bartender again."You said Traveling Lounge, do you mean you walk around here with no protection?" Celen said those words, and they made the bartender chuckle even more, Celen frowned. "You must be mad to think I am walking alone, I was a normal bartender but then the Nesingwary hired me to provide them beverages as they travel. They pay more then I get payed in a week. So why not." He shrugged and continued to clean his glass. Celen sighs once more .. Why did I even bother.. The brat was silent after that thought, she just payed him for resupplying her food and water and left.

.. Why did I leave!?... The Green-eyed Elf asked herself when the clouds started to show signs to a snowstorm. Great! Now I have to find cover. She rushed her way and was able to find a small cave.

Celen ignited a torch and walked in. A roar is heard. The hooded girl looked around her, stratled. Celen looked up as the figure rose, covering her in shadow.

"Shit." A loud smash against the stone is heard, and blood painted the wall.

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