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Percival Casteen [Human]
Player: Wanafly182

Character Full Name: Percival Casteen

Character In-game Name: Percy

Nickname: Percy

Associations: Defias Brotherhood (Formerly)

Race: Human

Class: Rogue

Skills and Abilities:
High Pain Tolerance – Percy has an abnormally high pain tolerance, enabling him to keep fighting at near-maximum efficiency for longer periods of time.
Skillful agility – Through extensive training, Percy's coordination is more honed than a normal person's coordination, enabling him to perform acrobatic feats with greater precision.

Age: 24

Sex: Male

Hair: Black Hair of medium length, but never longer than his shoulders. Well-kept beard around mouth and chin.

Eyes: Dark blue.

Weight: 155 Lbs.

Height: 5’10’’

Alignment: Neutral Good

Usual Garments/Armor: When knowingly going into battle, Percy will be garbed in some form of leather armor, usually omitting the top chest-piece and shoulder pads in favor of easier movement. In calm social situations, he’ll wear comfortable clothes of some varying degree of fanciness. In battle, he uses a combination of dual swords, sheathed around his waist, and dual daggers, sheathed beside the larger swords.

Other: On the back of his right hand, constantly covered by gloves or some other means, is a slightly faded black cog tattoo.

Personality: Percy acts quickly on his emotions, sometimes faster than he thinks. He’s generally an easy-going person around friends and sort of quiet among strangers. He places the value of his allies above that of his own and will easily make sacrifices for them. He believes in a certain level of honor and chivalry, although he hardly acts like the ideal knight in shining armor. He's prone to temptations unless they concern the health of those he cares about. Finally, perhaps as a holdover from the teachings of the Defias, he adamantly hates nobility of any kind.

History: Thomas Casteen lived in the outskirts of Stormwind, nestled in the woods of Elwynn Forest with his wife, Laina. When the first war ignited, the young couple fled north, winding up in dwarven lands north of Dun Morogh. They began their new lives, and in the year 5, ushered in their only son, Percy. Percy grew up loved by his parents. However, as he grew older, his desire to travel grew, and in the year 23, at age 18, left home and embarked southward to see the world. He was given several pieces of gold and a sword for protection. His father and mother settled in to a quiet living in Menethil harbor.

Percy had found a gryphon passage to Lakeshire and began along the road through Elwynn Forest. Along the way, he was held up by bandits from the Defias Brotherhood. Percy attempted to defend himself, only succeeding in wounding one of the bandits. Percy called for the guards, and as the bandits scattered, Percy was left along the road without any money to his name.

Percy continued along the road, finally reaching Goldshire. With no money to his name, he begged the innkeeper for a free night’s rest, or even to pay him back later once he could find a means to more money. He was denied, and Percy slept with his back to a tree that night. For the following week, Percy attempted to find some work in the small hamlet, to no success. At the end of the week, he followed a farmer out of town that headed along the road to the west, hoping to find better work that way. He kept eyeing the farmer and his empty wagon, how he probably just got done selling off the remainder of his harvest. He felt jealous. His anger rose up behind a grim smirk. Evil was rewarded better in the real world it seemed. He eventually mustered up the courage to rush forward and take a flying leap onto the wagon, pressing the sword to the farmer’s neck and demanding all his money. The farmer reluctantly agreed, and as the coinage changed hands, Percy felt a renewed vigor. A smile crossed his face as he brought down the hilt of the blade onto the back of the farmer’s head, knocking him out cold. He turned and jumped off the wagon, then went back to Goldshire where that night slept in a warm bed after eating a hot meal.

Percy managed to successfully do it once more, on a travelling young woman that neared her way to Goldshire. He had just got done taking the coinage when a laugh came from the nearby woods. The bandits stepped forward, encircling Percy and the woman. One of them knocked the woman out cold while one with a dwarven accent offered Percy a choice. Stop the bandit activities, join them, or if he continued, he would be executed right then and there. Percy hastily agreed to join them.

The bandits took Percy under their wing as immediately as possible, relocating him to Westfall where they immediately forced him under their pledge and gave him their mark, a black cog on the back of the right hand. Percy was sworn in under the pseudonym “Valan Vauldon.” For the next several years, Percy learned the ways of the Defias bandits: intimidation, thievery, deceit, lying, subterfuge, and most important, swordplay. Percy trained extensively in their arts and became quite adept with his swords. Several years had passed, and Percy eventually left the Defias after an incident with the death of innocent blood. Percy ran and never looked back.

Convinced his life would be ended soon, either the law or the Defias catching up with the renegade, Percy took what money he amassed over the years and started exploring the Kingdoms. The same thing he wanted to do several years prior.
[-] The following 1 user Likes Wanafly182's post:
  • Alliicce
Not bad at all. Good work!

The only thing I'd object to is just -how- much better his coordination is than a normal human being. I'd tone that down a bit. So, superior, but not superhuman. Make sense?

Initial Approval.
[Image: 2hhkp3k.gif]
Recommended reads: Divine and Arcane. Also, elves.
Wanna refer me in Tribes: Ascend? Clickies!
EDIT: Changed the wording around a bit to seem less Superhuman-ish.
"vastly superior"

Those words aren't much better than what was before, hehe. Could you reduce this down some more? You can say he's well-trained and significantly specialized in this area, and while this would in a sense mean he's superior to most in that particular area, indeed, it's better to find a more neutral wording for it.
EDIT: Fired editor for poor word choices. Changed around wording in abilities again. Fixed a grammar issue.
Approved [Pending Gruntship]!
Took ya long enough mate. Glad you go it though. Grats nub!
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