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Phil's pilgrimage to RP Meccah
So, hi guys! Well, if you're asking yourselves what the hell does that title mean, it means I'm looking for RP.
I'm currently downloading the Cata torrent and, when I come back, there are some characters I simply feel like they need more RP. There goes a list of them:

Mugg Stormbraid is a dwarven explorer in service of the Explorer's League - as Cata arrives, he will travel more, in search of ancient ruins and relics in general. He also enjoys drinking very much. I think he can be found mainly in the Khaz Modan region, Twillight Highlands sounds like an opportunity for him.
I believe he needs more friends in general. Simply someone to make him company when he enjoys his booze, or maybe someone to explore this new shattering Azeroth with him.

Nigel Steambomb is a gnomish engineer and is looking to make some money. I don't really know what to do with this character now, but I think he deserves some RP. He could be basically anywhere in Azeroth.
I think he could fit in a merchant guild, and he needs more business contacts.

Calista Duskshore Appleflow is a human commoner. She is the adopted child of Markuss Appleflow. She is a childish girl, that just got out of her teens. After Markuss died, the guild's activity also dropped, and that left Cali with little to no RP. Usually is around Elwynn, Westfall, Duskwood or Stranglethorn. I'd prefer to keep her out of Stranglethorn for now, because I already have other characters for Booty Bay RP.
She needs friends in general. I think young people are the best company for her.

Jackie is a human buccaneer and his actual name is Jack McCloud. He is mostly seen around Booty Bay, and likes drinking and causing chaos everywhere. Bar fights are his favorite sport. He also likes women.
I think he could get into some crime/mercenary guild. Preferably a pirate crew.

Garuda Firemane is an orc, ex-warlock, now training to be a shaman. Member of a small clan that was disbanded during the Second War. She is basically my only active Horde character, so I use her in any Horde RPs now (Except for Sillymoon RP. I don't like Sillymoon). She could be basically anywhere.
Now that Deathwing is turning all of Azeroth into luls and destroying the balance of the elements, she would probably get involved in the Earthen Ring's attempts of fixing the world. May need a shaman master.

Lord Hagrid Ironclover I is going to be my worgen in Cataclysm. He is a noble and also a mageslayer (Yes, that means he hates mages, warlocks and most other magic-users and actually hunts them). I'm currently looking for people to be part of his family or friends from before the Worgen Curse. About family, I'm looking for basically anything. Younger brothers/sisters, cousins, wife, children... I think the only exception are father/mother. Because they're both dead.

That's all, folks. So, if you're interested in any of them, send me a PM or post here! Or contact me In-Game. Well, when I finish downloading Cataclysm.
I'll gladly take Calista to the RP-Meccah and even to the RP-Medinah.
[Image: 8.jpg]
And by that, you mean bringing Nietzsche to RP with her, right?
I'm more than happy to try RP with some of your characters :). Especially Garuda, as my old orc Mahen'tosh is an ex-warlock who has become a shaman again; if she's a particularly young orc, Mahen may warm up to her as yet another grandchild-figure in his life.

Besides her, there's Jackie and Nigel, who seems to be good RP buddies for my goblin, Imagen. Also, I have an Appleflow too! Mallory is Markuss' oldest daughter, so she could be a big sister for Calista :)
[Image: 3HQ8ifr.gif]
[-] The following 1 user Likes ImagenAshyun's post:
  • PhilGobatto
Mugg is awesome.

Dwarf lore in Cata is awesome.

Ergo, we should make Awesome happen.

Your stories will always remain...
[Image: nIapRMV.png?1]
... as will your valiant hearts.
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  • PhilGobatto
Wow Immy, that's really a lot of people! Garuda is actually 49, she was 18 when the orc chieftains drank Mannoroth's blood... Looks like there won't be a grandfather thing (more like a father thing, maybe), but she does need someone older and wiser to be her "mentor".

Nigel would be happy to make a friend, even if it's a goblin, and even more if they're into engineering. I think I won't be RPing him too much, but I wanna give it a try.

And Cali really needs someone from the family there. /nod

AND YES, Cappn, dwarves get awesome in Cata! I was in fact trying to plan an archeology event storyline and use Mugg there. Dorf is power.

gnome guy

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  • PhilGobatto
(04-29-2013, 09:43 AM)Bingles Wrote: WHEN I GET CATA :)

I'm in 88.6% :(

EDIT: I already have Cata now!

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