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Been afraid of bees ever since Primary School, after sport one day I picked up my hat and a bee flew out and stung my arm.
Later that day I stepped on another bee barefoot and it stung me. I'm mildly allergic to bees and have a horribly painful reaction to the sting. If I see a bee near me I go insane.
We're all doomed
I think we all need big hugs all around. Unless you're afraid of them. Then gtfo freak.

We're all about loving one-another here. (:
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-group hug!-
"I am more afraid of one hundred sheep led by a lion than one hundred lions led by a sheep."

I have a light fear of power tools. Then again, it's not really that big of a deal..

I should really be scared of more things.
Little by little, one travels far.
Well, one for me is Arachnophobia. Whether it's just a picture of a spider, seeing super-tiny spider or someone telling me about spiders, I'll just go berserk.

A few weeks ago my mates at school thought it would be cool to say there was a spider on my back. I took my school jumper/tie off and ran round screaming for like 10 minutes.

Oh, and claustrophobia. I HATE small spaces. Whether it's being under my bed shets weith my legs up to my chest, or being surrounded by people, I hate it. I just feel as though I'm gonna lose my breath and die or something... :X

Piken Wrote:I think we all need big hugs all around. Unless you're afraid of them. Then gtfo freak.

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Obviously arachnophobia is not one of my issues. However I do have a completely irrational fear of bees and wasps. I'm not sure if someone who is allergic to bee stings is a full-on phobia, because there is an absolutely rational reason to be afraid of being stung by them. Me, I'm not allergic. I just don't deal well with them, I freeze up. However, my studies have been really beneficial because I can kind of give myself a little mantra of why bees aren't likely to sting at certain times (I was proud of myself for hopping over some that were gathering water). Wasps and hornets I don't do as well with, though.

I have a mild fear of primates (monkey, apes, etc). I don't like their teeth, I don't like how unpredictable they are (that one applies to humans, too).

And falling. If I'm not totally clear on where the footholds and handholds are, and that I won't slip, I freeze up when climbing up things or over gaps, even if I've seen ten other people do it with no problem.
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"We are here on earth to fart around, and don't let anybody tell you different."
~Kurt Vonnegut
Spiders. Spiders just freak me out! When I see a spider I just freeze, my head starts spinning...
I'm afraid of any public toilets or anything to do with hygiene that has been used by people I don't know. I'm also horrified of any bug. This includes butterflies and moths or anything like that and.. Does death count. I'm afraid of dying and knowing I haven't done enough with my life.
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sasail Wrote:Does death count. I'm afraid of dying and knowing I haven't done enough with my life.

It does. That's called Necrophobia, which is basically a phobia of anything to do with death really.
"I am more afraid of one hundred sheep led by a lion than one hundred lions led by a sheep."
Arachnophobia, it's horrible, especially when I had a spider crawling on my monitor in the middle of Role Playing... Nearly fell out of my chair in horror that time. Couldn't even get close to the keyboard till it crawled up on the monitor and went on the wall.
Panic fear of spiders... :(

Though I'm not scared of bugs, but I find most of them gross and icky. I have no big problem with them crawling around as long as they aren't on me, while with spiders... I can't even be close to one.
I have some pretty debilitating phobias, socially. Listed:

~Fear of commitment
~Fear of telling the truth (This one is tricky, because the lies are borderline compulsive; what I mean is that I'm not -afraid- of telling the truth, but that there are times when I can't help but lie. Idk.)
~Fear of assistance (Can't stand depending on others for some reason.)

~Fear of failure
~Fear of ridicule

This all would add up to make me a pretty lonely person, and in some cases it has...but I have a few good friends who are willing to stick by me, as well as an -amazing- "companion" who helps me get over all of it.

SO yeah. I'm pretty good with my fears.
"He traded sand for skins, skins for gold, gold for life. In the end, he traded life for sand."
I don't know the name of it but... Really anything with more then 4 legs/limbs I freak out if I see it. I am not sure why but I cannot bare to see a spider, millipede, wasp, anything really. I just freak out when I see them.

Other then that I do have an irrational fear of heights, I CANNOT go anywhere more then 5 feet off solid ground without panicking.
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I have fear for swimming into sea grass that is in the bottom in the sea and up. Also those on the top of the water. Afraid that it is sea animals inside them or something.
I'm also afraid of bathing in the sea in an unknown country where I know there is sharks.
What can I do you for?
Well, I really don't have any major form of phobia.

Though I do have a mild form of acarophobia (tick phobia). Probably originating from when I was a kid, during summer time, I was strolling around the house we spent our vacation in. I suddenly noticed some silver ball on the ground, and I picked it up, thinking I could play with it. I thought it would be hard, but it was elastic, and was soft. And when those disgusting legs started moving in the air, I dropped the thing and ran away. I knew it was a tick, but I was still terrifyed.

And I'm actually shocked I don't feel too afraid when I see a tick now, since that experience was pretty traumatizing, since I was a kid. (I know, it doesn't sound very traumatizing. But when you're a kid, you're easily affected.) Yes, I hate them, and I am disgusted by them. But I feel no real fear.
Laarune Wrote:Let's see.. Dark Water.

Yeah, I can't swim in water that is too dark/that I can't see through. If I can't see what's under or around me, I get really freaked out, start hyperventilating, and I think when I was little, a lifeguard had to save me at a lake cause I started locking up/couldn't swim. x_x I don't know if there's a specific name for this phobia, but.. yeah. There ye' go.

Oh yeah, I hate that too, but I´ve found that if I stay under the water it´s all right.

I used to avoid cats, when I was six or so I was staying at my grandma´s for a few nights and in the middle of one night I woke up screaming, her cat was biting my big toe. Not the "let´s play" kind of biting either, no, it was this chewing "I´m gunna have ya for dinner" kind.

Since I´ve had six kittens/cats of my own now I´ve gotten rid of the cat fear, I love them now.

Dogs, dogs are another thing, vicious! Especially the knee high type, perfect height to reach the vital parts.

I wouldn´t really call any of these phobias though, I mean I´ve played with dogs and some aren´t that bad (puppies!) and I can swim over dark water, it´s just that I imagine I´ll be gutted by a sea monster all the time.

When it comes down to the base thing I think my biggest fear is anything that would hurt my "crown jewels", hands, eyes or ears, can´t live without them.
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