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...I'm a goataphobe. Being slammed into a fence by one as a little kid kind of does that to you.
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Mah babehs. I'm watchin' you, government.
Although I've gone bungee jumping and climbed mountains, I'm scared of heights; mostly falling.
˜★Sketch Blog
I only have one fear, which I overcome a lot but never get rid of. Needles, as said before. But for some reason I love the tattoo needle. Odd?
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HelveteSong Wrote:...I'm a goataphobe. Being slammed into a fence by one as a little kid kind of does that to you.

I got pwnt by a giant pig when I was little kid. Ain't afraid of Pigs though, they go good with Eggs and cheese. If there is anything I'm afraid of, probably snakes because your never sure which ones are poison, you know? Or if you do, it's too late.

Trick with needles is to not look at them, or to imagine it as a knife just poking you and not some alien probe or something. Unless knives freak you out more. /shrug

Edit: Knife POKING you, like not getting impaled by Frostmourne or something.
ಠ_ಠ : Like Fo Fi Cops.
I'm a telephonophobe. :oops:
Hark, O'Nightspirit
relinredrin Wrote:I only have one fear, which I overcome a lot but never get rid of. Needles, as said before. But for some reason I love the tattoo needle. Odd?

Me too. Awkward right?
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I don't really have any certain phobia, but I've had panic attacks every day since I was twelve. They all end up mostly ending after 20-30 minutes and usually send my heart rate up quite a bit. But usually after a cig or two they disappear.
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I'm... Scared of mice, rats and spiders.
Hmm.. The only phobia I have is vomiting, I panic if I start to feel like I'm gonna be sick. I really don't like it. I don't drink to the point of being wasted or anything like that just in case it makes me sick.

Other than that, I have no real phobias, the ones I used to have I have confronted, it's the only way to beat them.

As a kid I was terrified of elevators. Being closed in and whatnot. The thought of them breaking down or plummeting to the floor. I would absolutely HATE going in lifts, scared the crap out of me. I had an operation on my arm after breaking it when I was little and they took my hospital bed into the lift and I was bricking it. I was more afraid of the lift than the actual operation! Since then however I got over my fear after staying in a hotel in spain. I had to use the lift -Alot- being on the eighth floor and now I'm absolutely fine with lifts.

Used to have an IMMENSE fear of flying as a kid.. the very mention of a holiday by my parents and I would be wailing. absolutely -terrified- of flying.. Though I was coaxed into it by my family, they were all sat around making me feel rather guilty and whatnot so I said I would go.. Being a naiive child, little did I know they had already bought the plane tickets and booked the holiday and were going to force me to whether I liked it or not! But amazingly I loved it and now I love to fly.

Never been scared of spiders or anything like that which is weird cause my entire family is except me. I remember my mum slapping me once cause I had picked one up in my hand and cupped it and I went up to her and said 'Look what I got!' and opened my hand and she screamed dear murder! And you know when you panic and you don't think straight, in the shock of the moment she slapped me ran away screaming into the other room and started crying, woulden't go near me for the rest of the day! xD

Just wondering--

Am I the only one that was scared of E.T as a child?
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timmyd123 Wrote:Hmm.. The only phobia I have is vomiting, I panic if I start to feel like I'm gonna be sick. I really don't like it

Holy crap, I'm not the only one?!

On a sidenote, I also have a fear of choking.
"I am more afraid of one hundred sheep led by a lion than one hundred lions led by a sheep."
the only thing I am afraid of, are the crowded places, I just can't stand being in a bus full of people, I could never be an actor, I like uncrowded places, like forests, and all that kind of stuff
I <3 GNOMES!! *,...,*
But really? I'm friggin' terrified of other people's hands. Not germs per se... but I just don't like people's hands touching my books and desks and computers and stuff. It's just disgusting.

Being rejected is another fear of mine. Maybe it's just over-reactive jealousy glands but I just hate it when someone else has the spotlight. I don't think it's an attention issue... but maybe it is I dunno.
to steal a quote, "Snakes! i hate snakes!"

I have an immense phobia of snakes. Its to the point where i cannot walk on one side of the street on a certain street because i saw a snake there when i was little. I cant even stand to look at a picture of them in a book without getting scared. Ugh, my imagination is even starting to envision some as i type this (bringing back memories...). I hate those stupid things.
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I'm scared of being rejected, and not being accepted for who I am as an individual. We're all ourselves, a unique creation. I think a lot of times we try to mold ourselves into something we're not, just to fit in or look cool. My greatest fear is being told I need to change who I am. I am who I am, and I'm not going to change it. I guess it's just always bothered me...

I'm also freakin' scared of getting in the spotlight. You put me on a stage, hand me a mic, eh... I think I'd die. I hate, hate, being placed in a spot where the attention's all on me. I just clam up, and I swear, my brain shuts down. The butterflies begin to waltz in my gut, my fingers begin to sweat. I lose all the blood in my face... yeah. It's pretty bad.

Just a side-note... I was really scared of E.T. what I was younger, too. Dunno what about it scared me, it just did.
Bash'a no falor talah!

It's true that we don't know what we've got until we lose it, but it's also true that we don't know what we've been missing until it arrives.

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