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Piken 'Splosive' Thorium [Gnome]
Player: Piken

Character Full Name: (Birth) Shant Spinpistol (Alias/new name) Piken 'Splosive' Thorium

Character In-Game Name: Piken

Nickname(s): Nothing that's nice to hear.

Association(s): Gnomeregan, various gangs in Ironforge and Stormwind(and surrounding areas) Note: None of any real importance lore-wise.

Race: Gnome

Class: Warrior

Skills and Abilities: Moderately skilled with his fists, able to hold his own in a fight with opponents of varying sizes, but no expert. His real skill is with a gun. Usually a pistol he's made and modified himself. He is also a very skilled Engineer, choosing to mix Gnomish ingenuity and Goblin's love for explosives.

Age: 94

Sex: Male

Hair: Short, brown and messy

Eyes: Violet

Weight: 45.3 pounds

Height: 3'2 feet

Usual Garments/Armor: While sitting around, and even when out and about, he'll generally wear run-down garb and gear but he has also been known to wear a complete set of blue and black leather armor, or whatever else he happens to find useful and available.

Other: He has one large tattoo on his back, the Gnomeregan crest. And a tattoo on his upper left arm of two pistols crossing and a little inscription above and below that says "(top)Accept any challenge, (bottom)no matter the odds."

Personality: Piken is a very bitter, angry little being. He shows a healthy amount of racism towards all races, even the ones he likes, which would be his own and Dwarves. Very full of himself, as well, and also packing a short fuse(no pun intended for those who know him), he doesn't like being made fun of or talked down to(again, no pun intended) and will get very defensive, very fast. A bit of a drunk at times, other times, a bit of a psychotic little monster, like all he has his moods of happy and angry. Very few gain the respect and true loyalty of this Gnome, and if they do, they can expect him to follow them to the grave.

History: Piken, or Shant as he was named from birth, was born into a well-off Gnomish family. Quite well-off, actually. He was the oldest of three, the others significantly younger than him. His family owned a business of repairing rundown buildings, technological weapons, inventions, you name it. His family was very skilled in repairing whatever they could get their hands on, and that talent moved on to him, in his own way. Instead of repairing, he preferred creating. He studied and drew up many blueprints for different things, you know how Gnomes are with their inventions. He was brought up with a silver spoon in his mouth and, well.. he HATED it. As one would assume with any rich family, they were quite snobby and arrogant. They looked down on those who didn't have as much as they did. It had gotten to a point where he would rather lose it all than carry their name, and he did just that. He abandoned his family name, joining the Gnomish military and staying in it for a number of years, losing most connections with his family.

He raised in the ranks slowly, but never going very high. Over the years, his temper seemed to get worse and worse, more so toward humans visitors/officials who made the wrong comments until finally, he mouthed off(and punched out) the wrong person, getting him discharged from the military, as well as a small amount of time imprisoned. After being let go, he left the Gnomish city, heading for their cousins, the Dwarves, where he fell in with the darker types. He spent a number of years with them, changing his name completely as well, falling further and further into the criminal underworld. When the Wars came about, he always managed to avoid the most dangerous parts, the criminal underworld being quite good at staying away from these things.

After things had settled, the world's conflicts taking place in other places in the world, the Gnome and his group he ran with headed toward Stormwind, where they heard it would be better for business there. Now in Stormwind, a place he's come to hate with a passion, he remains, lingering in Old Town, starting trouble with this one and that one, just getting by in the world.
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