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Pink Flamingos!
First and foremost: Tell us about yourself, as a player:
Well, as a player? That could mean a lot. I'm going to take that as two ways. Me as an individual, and me as a "GRRRRL GAMER".

Well, firstly, as a person, I'm a total shutin type. I have friends, sure, in real life. But I'm different around them. With the anonymity of the internet, you can really let your true self out. This could be a foaming idiot that throws insults like feces, or it could be a wonderful wannabe intellectual who dreams of overthrowing the current situation in America with friends like John Galt and Howard Roark. (if you get that, you're totally awesome. Don't freak out if you do, though, I make a note about all that later. Trust me.)

As a player, I'm usually the person that wishes they had a big fancy GM spot without having to do most of the stuff a GM has to do in terms of dealing with idiots (because I would call them idiots and make the situation worse because I know there was little they could do about it if I had high influence) and just do stupid stuff. Morph people to Ragnaros/Thundaraan (whatshisface) and hold really dumb events all day. "I MORPH TO A RABBIT AND USE AN EFFECT THAT MAKES ME TINY, FIND ME IN STORMWIND." Stuff like that. Of course, I've never been a GM, so usually I'm the magic user. I play backseat raider because I can't handle the stress of leading a raid, all while spamming whatever spell I'm supposed to spam.

What country do you come from? What is your primary language?:
I'm from America, I'm from America, we speak American.


How did you get into Warcraft?:
Well, I was seven years old, visiting my grandparents. My uncle, (their son) gave my Papa (his father) his old computers, and he'd play first person shooters. One game that was on there was Warcraft II. So I played. And had a blast. I had NO idea what I was doing, and couldn't get past the fourth or fifth level on either side, but it was lots of fun. A few years later, I noticed my uncle had Warcraft III. I instantly asked to play it, and ran next door to put it on my Papa's (uncle's old) computer. I remember just being blown away by the scope of things... I hadn't played too many video games outside of console games, and not a lot of those really just had huge worlds that they let you oversee. The whole concept was fascinating.

What made you seek our server over others?:
I'm RP on another forum regularly whenever I can't find anywhere else to RP, despite the fact that a lot of roleplayers there are jerks (I'm a jerk on certain levels just like everyone else, but they took the cake. ALL OF IT, DAMN IT!) and stuff. I get a few enjoyable roleplays there. In any case, I found a guy there who wanted to do some WoW RPing. He needed to redownload WoW, so we did some trial runs on AIM. I got him to hop on this one server that turned out to be terrible, (no names, but it wasn't an RP server at all) so he suggested we come here. I hear that because it's a dedicated RP server, the idiot population is down 98% versus other servers with roleplay.

I actually roleplayed with the Darkfall Brotherhood on AniWow/WoWTrance, but the guild was full of potheads and drama whores, so I left. Y'know, people that, when they RP, the spotlight has to be on them at all times, every story has to revolve around them, etc. There was a group of them that made EVERY story revolve around their characters. Any attempt to get involved would be met with "THIS IS OUR STORY GET OUT, OH WHY ARE YOU LEAVING, YOU CAN'T GO TAKE FIVE PEOPLE AND ROLEPLAY SOMEWHERE ELSE, YOU NEED TO BE HERE." Well, not totally, but you get the idea.

I stayed on WoWTrance after they left and was in on that short lived crazed, even though a lot of pvpers tried to rp. "helo i m arthas son would u liek to fite?"

What kinds of roleplay do you enjoy?:
As the first indication might show, I'm a HUGE Ayn Rand fan. I think Objectivism is silly and a fancy way of saying "the universe revolves around me", but I very much agree with her views on government and religion. (I know we can't discuss it on servers/forum, but I figure I could throw it out there so people know I totally love philosophy and stuff on a small level) In any case, the most memorable RP I ever did was kind of like one of the romantic conflicts there, between a part demon (a la Illidan, but nowhere near as powerful) elf and a ex-Necromancer warlock that ate magic like it was sugar and she was a fat kid. It was really interesting, they both were just completely crazy evil, but she wouldn't admit that she had a twisted type of caring for him, and he basically was just totally devoted to her. It was kind of like one of the Rand books in reverse, because usually it's the female that goes total devotion mode.

I also highly enjoy adventures. The Hobbit type, mostly. Less "OH GOD THE WORLD IS GOING TO BLOW UP". Things on a lesser scale. Or maybe people involved in the big conflict, but doing different things, given the Lich King and stuff. As this may hint, I prefer small groups (6-12) over giant tavern RPs or anything. Too hard to follow.

What is your favorite race/class? Why?:
Well, for gameplay, I'd have to say that a dwarf hunter is the shizzit. My uncle played one, and I usually make one in his memory. That and hunters are just so much fun. Moreso than Warlocks, because it's more like you're fighting with an old friend. You can get up in the face of whatever you and your pet are gonna get, and have bestial roars during. It's super duper hot.

That, and dwarves are super cool.

For RPing, usually I go for a human/Blood Elf warlock, for my main RPC. I prefer human, but nobody really seems to like roleplaying Alliance in the places I used to RP, so yeah. That, and humans are kind of the bad guys under a veil of faux JUSTICE JUSTICE JUSTICE. But warlocks always interested me. Not just because "DARKNESSES DARKNESSES", but that whole corruption aspect. They were probably any other mage, but went down a less than reputable path. Unlike the Death Knights, though, they actually had a choice. Probably. And it's kind of fun to do the Hunter thing, but you nuke whatever you sic your pet on.

What are your expectations of this server?:
Well, I expect to finally be able to roleplay with my friend on a server dedicated to roleplaying, and make new friends and have totally awesome RP adventures, on a basic level.

On a more personal level, I hope to be able to invoke those giddy feelings I got the first time I started to see through my character's eyes. The first time that the hairy dwarf on the screen became more than just a collection of pixels, but an outlet for creativity. It's pretty deep, brosef.

Out of all of our rules and regulations listed on our server, which appeals to you the most?:
Rules: No restrictions on RP as long as everyone is comfortable with it and it doesn't disrupt the public. Not to say I plan to get on and have LOLOLOL ELF CYBER ADVENTURES, I doubt I ever really will, but it's nice to know that if something like that ever comes up, I'm free to do it so long as nobody else is bothered by it. And of course, VIOLENCE. I wanna have that undead guy that is a chef and accidently chops off his finger and serves it to people... accidently. Awesome.

Policies: Tantrum/grand exits. If I had a nickel for every person that pulled something like that and thought anyone really cared, I'd... well, let's just say there would be more than one family owned restaurant around here!

Lastly, tell us a story! It can be short, it can be long; but most importantly, we want to see your work in action. Go!:

The room was a total mess, with clothes, boxes and just about every other object that belonged in a house, but not a teenaged boy's room. The alarm clock, which was obscured by what seemed to be a greasy piece of paper, began to blare some hard rock song. A figure emerged from a mess that was elevated above the rest. And, ah, it 'twas the boy, covered in sheets. He crawled to the nearby closet and grabbed jeans and a t-shirt, both plain blue, and pulled them on, before throwing a piece of paper at the alarm clock to shut it off, causing a plate that once housed fresh bacon to shake atop its mountain of books, pouring grease onto the obscured time teller.

No breakfast, no time! He grabbed the sneakers, an MP3 player (which played the song that was on the alarm clock in perfect sync with the time he threw the paper, mysteriously) and a bookbag, and started the run to school. He was husky, but the school was a five minute walk (three and a half run), and it was important to get to the library early on.

Across the small town, a far better groomed young man jumped into a jeep and drove off at the exact time the husky boy started running. The husky one had shoulder length brown hair, dressed mostly in red, white and black (today being the exception because he forgot to do the laundry the other day) and was never on time. The other had short blond hair, and went for basketball shorts of every color and white t-shirts that were drawn on in marker. Opposite in some ways, but their quirkiness was quite similar.
And of course, they arrived on the campus at the same time. The runner at the opposite end of the campus, the driver right by the library. And of course, they arrived in the book haven at the same time, sitting next to each other at computers in one far off corner of the room, so they wouldn't be disturbed as they did things that nobody was supposed to do at the school's computers.
They set up in their own ways. The husky one got out a flash drive, the groomed one started to dig through the files to see if some dolt decided to try to download porn. Their checks done, they looked at each other and nodded, a confirmation that conversation could begin.

“So, how's the Russian boyfriend, or whatever it is?” the thinner of the two asked.

“You say that as if you're jealous,” he replied, beginning to start up the little chat client stored on the flash drive. Usually the reply was, “He's not my boyfriend, you just think he wouldn't like you, don't you, you filthy, immoral person, you.” But the run got him all hot and flustered up in there. No witty replies.

“Hey, it's none of your business what I'm jealous of, unless I display it in front of my friends at the library… Clyde, you hear about all that business with the guitarist of Humba Bumba getting all P.O.ed because their PR signed him on to do a kid's show or something?”

Clyde snorted and shook his head, diverting his attention away from the monitor to look over at his friend. “He'll leave the band. Make a big post on the forum. Bring the website down. Make his own website. Form two bands. Abandon them after he realizes nobody cares about him unless he's in Humba Bumba. The endless cycle, Dallas.”

Dallas shrugged and started on his own work, which was grabbing porn off the internet and making it look like some dolt tried to download it. Brilliant. And of course, Clyde started to chat with his very good friend from Russia, who Dallas was jealous of simply because it seemed like Clyde just liked him a lot more.

Is there anything else you would like to add, ask, or otherwise clarify?:
Well, a note about the above story. It's this little script, kinda. I don't consider myself some big fancy author or script writer, just an amateur writer that likes to roleplay. But yeah, the above thing is kinda supposed to be those mumblecore kinda indie movies, but MODERN and IN A HIGHSCHOOL. Only thing that came to mind, really.

Hope I'm accepted, in any case.
Quote:an amateur writer that likes to roleplay

Who isn´t around here?

Heh, can´t say I´m a fan of Ayn Rand, I haven´t even read anything of her making but I´ve heard about what she´s about and... yeah.

Anyway I´m all for diversity so you are welcome to the server!

All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare!


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