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Pirate City
Naw, undermine isn't mentioned at all for Cata.

I'd be surprised if they made that the gobs new city, since they said neither new races will even have one, much like the Trolls and the Gnomes.
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Naw, your totally changing my idea, shattrat ain't good you know, first of all its too big and secondly my idea was to make a pirate city, so it atleast have to be near shores

It must be a little like "the tortuga of WoW", there could be a rule so there would be only fighting and not killing inside the city. When you kill somebody people can put a bounty on your head. So people would think about this, since the town is full of scum that could take the bounty. this would disencourage people of killing eachother.

But this are all things to work out still. I just like faldir's cove, its a little hidden, so the good people have less chance tracking it down. The naga's in front could encourage people not to attack their city. And people can reach it with rowboats near the shores (to prevent the naga's attack their ship). Because usually ships throw down their anker, and can't reach the shores.
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