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Pixels on a screen
I'm writing this to address a comment that seems to crop up every time there is a debate of some kind here. It doesn't matter if it's people calmly working out their differences of opinion or teeth gnashing, keyboard cowboy antics, some one says it.
Quote:It's just the internet/Pixels on a screen/fantasy lala land, why get so upset?

(Now I can agree in applying it to the last situation. That just isn't called for in any medium and is counter productive.)
I'm not a hardcore fantasy player. I'm not obsessively involved in this server and it's nuances, but there is something about that statement that rankles me. I think it's the dismissive implications.
As a member of the community I put a lot of effort into my characters, rp and ooc interactions and over all keeping abreast of what's going on. I'm not the only one. So the idea that my sweat and time isn't worth getting a little riled over...well isn't the world we enjoy worth actively participating in?
We are growing, new people come in daily and settle in. Part of that growing process is knocking horns over ideas/issues and discussing them. For the most part what goes on here is mature and thought out conversations about the nature of the lore and our own opinions. I think this should be encouraged, honestly.
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I had a prime example of this tonight, I was irritable and probably no fun to RP with because I was getting so worked up about something that happened ICly, I understand it getting to you because It did to me, and I'm also not hardcore fantasy player, but I think I took it too far. It's fun to get worked up about Icly issues and people shouldn't look at the thing we've spent hours on and created using our knowledge of the game and RP as just Pixels of a screen, but they also shouldn't look at it as life, and fight their battles like they would "IRL." They also shouldn't be irritable with other players because of it, If others feel the same way do what they few of us did and make our own little channel to fume about issues. But do not condemn it to something, like I stated before, we all have worked so hard to create and spend sadly most of our time doing. We love this game for those precious Pixels. And hate it because of them too. :)

I believe we need that happy medium between the two, and think we should try and make COTH as friendly to both sides as possible, even if some people get irritable along the way. For both sides of the Issue.

Edit: Sorry to those I snapped at tonight for that ICly reason.
Hm... I don't think that statement should be taken so personally. It's generally assumed as common sense that people understandably want to have some security with something they put a lot of effort into.

What this statement usually addresses are people who get upset over ANYTHING negative/unwanted happening to their character. I don't mean major things like non-consensual occurrences, especially perma-deaths, but things where people may expect nothing but positive outcomes for their character, or take it personally if their character is rejected/insulted.

I've seen people get OOCly offended over negativity they had IC. It's usually when the character becomes a vessel of wish fulfillment, though.
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Well I'm not having sleepless nights pacing the floor over it. It's just one of those little things that kind of irks me. On the whole you're right though. I just wanted to express a little, maybe feel a heard. Which ya'll did for me.
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Some people brush it off, and don't care. Some take it seriously, and do care. The golden spot is to take your business beyond it being some joke, but to not let it consume you. Those on the lighthearted giggle-side need to respect those who put time and effort and pour a bit of themselves when they role-play. Those who take role-play very seriously need to understand that not everyone is on the same page with you and to not attach yourselves to the point your blinded to the whole picture of having fun.
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Honestly, I have had characters die like crazy in Dungeons and Dragons and other assorted RPG's and I find that, these things happen. Warcraft for one is a brutal world, and from ymexpierences in Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, death is something you get used to if it happens.

I had two of my characters die recently, both in one day as a matter of a fact. tayson and Jeriko, both were killed on circumstances I did not like but, I lived with it. It happens.

One big piece of advice I can give is to compare your character to the relativity of the world. Things happen, this time you had bad luck. You can help yourself live with character death by trying to simply find a happy median within your thoughts of what happened.

-That is my 2 cp
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