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Playable or not?
Well let's get to it.
"Blood mage" is acording to your wiki not a prestige class. Which makes it playable, in the theory. But I refuse to get kicked of some stupid mistake that I might have overseen, So I thought that I'd better ask first :P
What do you say? Can I just play a Blood mage or does I need any further approval?
I love the Phoenix <'3
Simply Put: There's procedure to playing a prestige class. It's nothing personal against any player, but GMs and the Staff would just like to be sure to trust a given player with the powers that their prestige class implies.

EDIT: Forgot to add in: As for anything not there, I guess that might make it playable, I just don't think you can add in abilities or spells/skills that would make it more, per se.
Prestige titles are something you have to apply for, and you need to first be a Grunt before the application will even be considered. We also dislike people creating character with the purpose of going for a certain prestige title, most of this you can read on the wiki. Hope it helps.
All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare!

Basically, you start off as a normal version of any of the classes offered for your race. LATER ON, if the character has been approved and you've been playing them for a bit of time, you can apply to make them a prestige class, which involves a lot of well-thought out posts over quite a bit of time.

Basically, it takes quite a bit of work and thought, you can't just be one right away.
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△Move along.△


Thanks! :)
I love the Phoenix <'3

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