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Player Pictures
Lol, never said there were 3 people who drank from the bottle.
You don't know how big the bottle was.
Don't have the original picture.

But i will post a normal picture as soon as my camera works again.
Ace: A small good hearted bag of energy who is quite a potion doc.
Harold: Like most Undead, dirty, sarcastic, full of insults and hunted by paladins.
[Image: l_bff624da2941c294b445dbe56251d54a.jpg]
That's me on the right. Considerably better picture.
[Image: n1099920143_30025779_431.jpg]
That's me on the right. I have a fat chin. T_T.

Lots of communist apparel, i'm sure that's good to have, going in to the Marine Corps...hrm.
I'll get new pictures PTing with my hair short sometime.
this is me before some party

[Image: 6.jpg]

before my sisters wedding, I realize I was in pink :P

[Image: l_96b5c68a6bdb64973ec55b2572ecef47.jpg]

me normally

[Image: Nov015.jpg]

lol I know you guys dont know me that well but I'm hoping to get on this server more and more
So here's a picture I took on my webcam today after a nice shower and a not so smooth shave ^^

[Image: 2hg68b4.jpg]
[Image: 25jxl3r.png] ~ [Image: rap0jl.jpg] ~ [Image: 2rz9vtw.png]
- - - - Erie - - - - - - - - - Creezy - - - - - - - - Zarack - - - -
<Academy of Magic> ~ <G S F> ~ ~ <The Forgotten Shadow>
[Image: juzfbn.png]
Here's my and my little brother having a good time with bandannas and blow pops, I'm on the left.
[Image: index.cfm?fuseaction=viewImage&friendID=...&i=3878542]

Here's me, being a dragon. Yeah, Cayenne's a real nickname.
[Image: n584105583_3434757_6460.jpg]
All you need to live is love love love love love!
Luxuries're cool, though. Like food and drink and shelter and such.
I hope I'm doing this right, but here is a new picture with alittle photoshop and an olddd picture. :P
[Image: n783143001_434751_2227.jpg]
That's the new one.
[Image: merina.jpg]
That's the olddd one.
[Image: badge.jpg]
Huh, I guess I am what my main is. o.O
Careful, that turtle looks like it could attack at any minute.
You don't even know.
[Image: badge.jpg]
Huh, I guess I am what my main is. o.O
You look, exactly like one of my friends... There, I said it.
The man behind Lucy!

[Image: l_0087cd2bf9a51d1b6abb71191fada95b.jpg]

[Image: Adute-1.jpg]
This is me. Me is good.


And that's me in Japan on the far left. Japan is also good.

[Image: ZuliSig.jpg]
Lol Lock your doors bug lady! Creepy stalker. I would post pictures if I could figure this out... or if I had any... hehehe. I have ones from like... age 5. Not going to try and post those. Ali, I feel kind of silly not posting too :P It's ok. We can be european recluses together. lol.
Me and my hubbeh at our wedding ^_^

[Image: Nat307.jpg?t=1219902091]

I'll post a link to my photobucket, wherein you can see more if you want, too.

http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v357/ ... %20photos/

Albums are down the side, and because photobucket is an idiot, it loaded the photos in reverse order, so you have to go to the last photo in each album and work backwards. Also, it resized all my photos so they're tiny!

Without sake
What is the use of
Cherry blossoms?

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