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Please read before you post (Might be helpfull ^_^)
(I will edit this part when the server is running again my knowledge is also based from creating and running a server so if things have changed and my knowledge is incorrect I am sorry.) I've gotten the general idea of most issues and have fixes :DThe server is currently down while being updated to Wrath of the Lich king. So anyone who is trying to make a new account and connect but either get the unable to connect error or a error that causes the handshaking to stop at 'connecting' that is because the servers down for updates or it is up to test things in the database to make sure a bug is fixed. Soooo...thats why ya cant log on :/

If you are running world of warcraft and find yourself unable to connect while the server "Is" running it may be possible that you have not updated your realmlist to the servers logon address, another possible reason is the logon server has not reloaded and your account isnt registered which you may have to wait three or four minuets for your accounts to register in the database so if you find yourself reading this part and wondering what the address is please read the wik :)

if you are still unable to log then maybe your just typing your user name wrong :/ so you might want to check that ...

If you are finding issues patching using the blizzard updater, you should go to your wow directory usually C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft and find the 'repair' file, click that and run the repair make sure to 'check and reset files' afterward try to run from the desktop shortcut you should have, it should re-enable the blizzard updater/patch down loader after wards right click your desktop shortcut and hit properties..where it says 'target' put this "C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\wow.exe" or use whatever drive wow is on P.s Be sure to check the server news for updates on patching ect :D

Im adding this part because blizzard has moved the realmlist for the new patch and wrath of the lich king. The new realmlist is not in the "Data" Folder and in the either enUS or enGB folder wont be hard to spot with the other MPQ files :D

I hope this helps you a bit and the Gm's so they dont have to keep repeating there selves over and over to new players :) If you have comments or questions or an addendum to my information please say so.
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