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[Poster] Protective Services
The following poster is hung up through out Alliance lands, with the exception of two on The Muddy Rudder for the next two weeks. Owned by Simon Barret who travels from Ratchet to Booty Bay.

To the lady or lord that reads this,

I, Tricia Moore am offering my protective services in these dangerous times. You will find my approach to be subtle, yet reassuring your safety wherever you may travel to. I am schooled in the etiquette as well as the use of bladed weaponry. My loyalty to be everlasting for as long as the contract stands.

You may leave word where you see fit, as I am confident it will reach me in due time. Payment is negotiable upon a meet, as well as food and shelter. I will bring my own equipment, but any repairs will be charged. A small price to pay for something as valuable as your own life or that of others.

Safety, Subtlety, Protection.

Lady Tricia Moore

OOC: In short! Bodyguard looking for someone (optional: of wealthy disposition (or nobility) to guard), hopefully one who is well-mannered as well! Light-following or fel-spreading, it's all good though with the latter; If she starts fearing that her contract will end prematurely due to say; Her plotted disposal, then she will abandon the cause!

Kaisen von Kloffenstein, prominent member of the Kloffenstein Order. Or the Head Warden spots the letter, he raises an eyebrow. "Lady or Lord who reads this" he reads aloud, lowly. He thinks of the events that are happening with the House of Trevelyan and his threat from the Marshal there. Also the murder in front of the lodge of one of his members, a report that will be released soon on the Stormwind Sun. He looks around,

"I must find this Tricia Moore, I may need her protection in the future perhaps." he pulls out a notepad and writes down her name with a led pencil then walks off with haste.

gnome guy

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(( Interest, in this toon?

<--- Smiling IRL. I might just get back on CotH to give some of that RP then! Still very much love the concept, but had given up on it as nobody was interested. Better late then never, we need to arrange for a meet! ))
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