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Potential Depression..
Alright so I recently got a new very fast laptop so I had to do the whole un-install and re-install thing and then I got to WoW... And I thought, oh shit... Those stupid patches... So many... But I said oh it's a fast computer I will have no problem! Then opened up the first patch and it said about 4 hours to download... Please tell me there is a better way to go about re-patching my WoW.
Your first patch is probably a bit one.. 1.0.0 whatever to 12.0.whatever.. Those are naturally just BIG downloads.. Your laptop could be the fastest in the world, but you need the bandwidth. What version are you patching from and to?
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I am starting from Burning Crusade and I need to get up to... 2.4.3 I believe that is what CoTH runs right now.
I use torrents, they are faster than the BLizzard downloader.
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Or the torrents or just download from any website where its faster then Blizzard.
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As I've mentioned in another post, the first one is very, very big, it goes stright from standard to 2.3, then there's a medium sized one, and 3 small ones, don't get worried about that first massive patch.
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IronTrooper Wrote:Or the torrents or just download from any website where its faster then Blizzard.

Every DL site is faster than Blizz. Only use blizzards if you really don't want to chance a virus, and you plan on leaving your laptop on overnight.
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