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[Pre-approved] Dalikan Godford [Human]

Player: zenethen

Character Full Name: Dalikan Godford

Character In-Game Name: Dalikan

Nickname(s): Sometimes called ‘Dal’ or ‘Dali’

Association(s): Argent Crusade

Race: Human

Class: Paladin

Age: 45

Sex: Male

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Weight: 214 lbs (Without Armor)

Height: 6' 1"


Dalikan is armored most of the time in a thick set of plate armor, which is decorated slightly with a few spikes here and there. In the rare occasion that Dalikan is not in his armor, he is dressed formally in a white suit.

Other: He will almost always be seen wearing his Argent Crusade Tabard.


Alignment: Lawful Good

Dalikan Godford is a proud and honorable man when he is not in combat, anyone can be his friend, and strangely enough, most of his friends begin with a match of trading insults. But when he is in combat, he is a fearsome wielder of the Light, and has defeated countless foes using his light-given abilities. If he is insulted, he does his best to restrain himself from exploding on the person, or he simply turns it around mentally and pretends it was a compliment. However, nobody will ever get away with harming his friends or family without taking a few holy hammers to the face.


Dalikan Godford was born and raised in Lordaeron to Arthur Godford and Malena Jones. He also had an older brother, by four years, Neveen, and a younger sister, by two years, Dileera. It was in the birth of his younger sister that Dalikan’s mother passed away. Upon the age of twelve, Dalikan’s family heard the word of the orcish invasion of Azeroth, thus beginning the First War. His father and his brother both took up arms alongside their fellow Lordaeronians in the expedition force against the Horde. It was on Dalikan’s sixteenth birthday that they both returned to Lordaeron in utter defeat.

Dalikan swore to someday avenge Lordaeron’s sister kingdom, Stormwind. And at the age of eighteen, he enlisted as a conscript for the Lordaeron Guard. He experienced many battles against the encroaching Orcish Horde, and charged alongside his fellow Alliance men as they destroyed Alterac, and defended Lordaeron City from the Orcish Siege. The tide turned, and Dalikan, and his brother and father, charged to reclaim the land of Stormwind in victory over the Horde. It was four years before the end of the Second War that Arthur Godford taught his sons and daughter the arts of the Paladin.

It was also during the Second War that Dalikan met his future wife, Selena Galrein. After the war concluded, they married and soon had their first daughter, Heather. A few years later they had another, Marlena. A few years after that, Dalikan and his family were called to war once more, as the Plague began to arise. Barely even a skirmish occurred as the men of Lordaeron scoffed at the paltry force attacking their homeland. However, that feeling changed when Arthas returned from Northrend, and began the second siege of Lordaeron City. Dalikan nearly escaped with his life, his sister and daughters at the family farm with his brother. His father was fighting further eastward, but Dalikan’s wife was among the fallen of Lordaeron City. He swore to never again marry, even dead, his wife held his heart.

Dalikan soon found himself fighting eastward, and then looking upon the ruined fields of Darrowshire, where he found his mortally wounded father in the nearby woods. His father gave him a final word before dying in his arms. Dalikan soon afterward gathered up his family and possessions and led a Refugee Caravan to Stormwind, barely evading the Scourge blockade.

In Stormwind, his sister volunteered to raise Dalikan’s daughters, as he was being called once more to war into Kalimdor. Dalikan gave his farewells to them all, and set sail for Kalimdor. Upon landing on the shores of the daring continent, he found the very forests he entered to be a burning battlefield no matter where he fled to. He eventually found himself at the Alliance lines at Mount Hyjal, alongside some old friends. The Battle for Mount Hyjal was long and taxing, and Dalikan lost many of his friends to the demonic hordes advancing up the slopes. Afterwards, however, there was the cheer that spread across all armies – Alliance, Horde, and Night Elven alike. Archimonde was slain, and the world was saved!

A relative calm began as Dalikan aided the newly founded city of Theramore in its waking hours, and he became familiar with the marshes of Dustwallow, his new home for this part of his life. He visited his daughters as often as he could in Stormwind… Several years passed by and Dalikan returned to Stormwind City at last, only to find that his brother had been slain fighting in the North, and turned into a Death Knight of Naxxramas. He was soon thrust right back into the hands of war as he formed the Eighth Legion, a small military organization bent on the reclamation of Lordaeron.

A month or two passed by before the Eighth faced its greatest challenge. A false crusade of Paladins, known as The Lightsworn, were commencing with a crusade to ‘purge the world of the heathens’. The Eighth saw no one else taking up the cup to defend the world against these false crusaders, and so they met the Lightsworn in Arathi Highlands, and defeated them after a long and taxing battle. Shortly afterwards, Dalikan looked upon his Legion, broken and in despair, he disbanded the Eighth, and let the surviving men return to their homes. Dalikan shortly afterwards joined the Argent Crusade, where he slowly advanced in the ranks to become a Templar of the Crusade, and that is where he resides currently.

Just as a note to all GMs and Forum Helpers reviewing this for approval, while Dalikan was pre-approved, I have almost completely rewritten his entire profile due to certain retcons as well as changes to his past that I made post-restart.
Also, first edit of the profile! I made a mistake with some of the sorting, had to delete a few things and replace a few things... These 'few things' being the personality section titling and everything around it.
Sorry zen, but you can't directly copy it from the wiki, as Kril changes the format once it gets into the wiki. Try to move it all into the new format. (Don't forget the Skills and Abilities.)

Also, I would ask you that you color the changes to the profile. Like if his age was changed, color it with a single color.

That's all for now with the format. Once you reformat it, I might check out the grammar and such.
Actually, the way Zen has it will make me a very happy girl when I have to wiki it.
As much as I'd love to go with Dukica's suggestion, sadly, I have yet to learn how to color my text on the forums D:
In the full edit page there should be an "A" next to "Text Size." Click it. Pick a color. Enjoy the magic.
Pretty colors... All changes have had their colors changed thanks to Dukica's suggestion.
No major hiccups. Approved!

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