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Prestige Title Feedback

So we are moving from the development stage into testing out the new prestige class training on characters and players. Obviously we will be 100% right all the time, the first time we do anything! *sarcasm*

Truthfully, we are learning and adjusting as we go. So I'd like a little feedback. Now, this isn't a "flame the GMs thread". Keep any comments constructive and on topic.

First.. we have released:
Ley Walker
Elven Ranger
Graven One
Shadow Hunter
Witch Doctor
Argent Dawn Templar

Coming Soon:

In development:

Dropped due to mechanics:
Mounted Warrior

Now, what I'd like to know from you all.

1) Which classes are you most interested in?
2) Is there a prestige class you would like to see added in the future? (Please use Official Warcraft Roleplaying classes only)

If we find there is no interest in some classes they may be dropped due to the amount of work it takes to develop each one. If we find there is a ton of interest in a class we don't have, we may look at adding it.
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Well.. All I can say is <Thumbs up!> And.. Yeah, that's all I got. Sorry. <Cheers on>
I love the gladiator, archmage, Graven One (a lot), Rune master looks to be cool, spirit walker, not intersted in ley walker but again its just me and these are among the page I saw like a minute ago so I don't remember them all.
The only ones I'm not to interested in is the elven ranger and witch doctor, but that is simply because of my usual choice of class :D I don't often play Nelf, don't want to encourage Belf, and can't play troll very good....so me...ya.
These are the classes if find interesting and most anxious to role-play with.

Ley Walker
Shadow Hunter

The three I personally view as most interesting (as of yet) would be (in this order);

Graven One
Witch Doctor

All the classes realesed seem well balanced and thought through, their concepts vary and they all have some interesting tricks and history. I´m very much of a "spellcaster" and I love to add some flavour to my magic, the classes I have looked at so far all have their own way of doing things.

Soo far I´m loving it!

Any class I would like to have added...hmm, that´s a though one. It would be "Lightslayer" in that case. But they and assasins would probably be much the same, though with a somewhat more sinister purpose. (More info on Lightslayers; http://www.wowpedia.org/Lightslayer)
All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare!

Though I can't know the details, it would seem to me that the Spymaster, the Infiltrator, and the Assassin are very similar concepts. I would like to see one of those dropped in favor of a second option for paladins. (unless, of course, that is what the Warden is.) The Argent Dawn Templar is fine, but it comes with a built in faction affiliation that I find off putting.

I know talk is cheap, but I don't think this would be the appropriate forum to offer constructive ideas and advice, so I'll just stop here.
Simon - Ancient Vindicator
Sorel - I'm a spice trader. No, really, that's what I am! Ignore the Voidwalker behind the curtain...
Irasis - Mute undead warrior-priest
Quite possible I might have misunderstood, but anywho. For people wanting to know more about a prestige title, you can read them up at <!-- w --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.wowpedia.org]http://www.wowpedia.org</a><!-- w -->. Just type in "prestige title" or put in one of the titles and you'll get a little or a lot more info. Depending on the class. ^.^ Hope I helped in some way.
Zaatu Wrote:Quite possible I might have misunderstood, but anywho. For people wanting to know more about a prestige title, you can read them up at http://www.wowpedia.org. Just type in "prestige title" or put in one of the titles and you'll get a little or a lot more info. Depending on the class. ^.^ Hope I helped in some way.

That helps, definately. I didn't realize the prestige classes were based off of pre-existing lore.
Simon - Ancient Vindicator
Sorel - I'm a spice trader. No, really, that's what I am! Ignore the Voidwalker behind the curtain...
Irasis - Mute undead warrior-priest
I'm very impressed with the scope and detail of this project! Amazing work on the class descriptions / taglines / images / etc. Especially the taglines... very witty, many of them. <3

I think of all the listed titles, the concepts behind the Ley Walker and Gladiator are my favorite. Much love. If at any point in the future I pursue a prestige class with any of my characters, I think it will probably be one of those two.

I, like Irasis, am a little disappointed with the options for paladins, though I certainly understand that there is no way to cover every possible option and character type. And in briefly looking over the prestige classes listed on wowiki, I just don't see any other suitable prestige classes available. I'll look into it in more depth and possibly have some actual constructive feedback at a later time. ;)
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Toryn Montague: Holy Warrior
Sidonie Montague: Street Rat
Naruth: Priestess, Scientist, and Holier than Thou
Vilyave Earthwhisper: Touched by the Elements

"You're like a living mood ring." -Irasis
I don't think the Scarlet Crusade is actualy a faction but it might be, i'm not sure.
The http://www.wowpedia.org/Scarlet_Crusader would be quite awesome in my opinion, if it was possible (Wich I am not sure of).

Also I am looking forward to the Necromancer class and the Graven one. Maybe cast in a http://www.wowpedia.org/Dark_apothecary ? I know this all takes some time wich I respect.

Edit: I must also say this is some awesome work you got going on here! Keep up the good work.

Second edit: I ment Scarlet CrusadeR as a Priest or Paladin class, I'm sorry if I made you misunderstand me.
I will admit when doing the initial research into the project I struggled to find any advanced healer, paladin, and druid classes. This is simply because they don't exist. Being a druid or paladin is already considered to be the pinnacle of the society. Also, within the Lore, Healers are a base class from which other casters develop. I am open to any Lore based options you folks might discover.

Infiltrator and Spymaster are indeed near identical. I consider them as one class with a separate title for Alliance and Horde. Assassin is quite different. Lightslayer is much like assassin, but with specific Undead requirements. I felt assassin covered the needs and opened it up to a wider range of applicants.

Warden is a Night Elf prestige class. Not sure if we will be keeping it if there is no interest.

Scarlet Crusade is indeed a faction and not a title. They are simply paladins who have turned to zealotry in their battle against the undead. Since they are on basic enemy faction, it would be impossible to give any players a friendly status with them. As thus, we discourage playing a character affiliated with them.
[Image: Sig.jpg]
I look forward to making my rogue an assassin and perhaps later on I might wanna try Shadow Hunter and Rune Master.
I like the combat aspects of some of the new classes, especially Gunman, Duelist, and Gladiator, and the special skills/abilities that are received with the training. Makes it seem more realistic, as opposed to just saying it's there with Tabletop RP's.

Love the quotations with the skills too, some were rather witty.
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Fawee...I don't know if it would be allowed, but why don't you make a new class for the Priests/Paladins? Like the Archbishop class? I know it's made up, but still. But the basic Archbishop/whatever you named it if you chose to use it would just be an advanced healer...Also, would a Blood Elf be an Elven Ranger or a Wilderness Stalker? xD Too confusing. Migrane...
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Mah babehs. I'm watchin' you, government.
I'm still intrested in http://www.wowpedia.org/Demon_hunter for Night Elf/Blood Elf
Hunter/Rogues/Warriors quite a bit, where did it go and what happend with it?

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