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Profession lvl requirments
I know that mining, skinning, herbalism dont have level requirments but all the professions that produce items do...

My question is:
First of all, is it even possible to remove this lvl requirment? Training a profession is a hassle as it is and having to lvl to 20 just to advance in profession seems bothersome and RP wise pointless its pointless to me...

Thoughts, ideas, feedback and any technical issues this might cause and of course the whole possibility of doing this, yes? No?
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I'd say yes, definitely. If someone wants to have their proefession as their main point of their character and not their class (so they could be any level) they need to be beyond a certain level to be considered a professional. You would, however, require other people to get materials for you. That, however, could just give a character RP purpose, which is never a bad thing.
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