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ProjectRandom's feedback thread
Okay. SO, I've RPed with you a little more. And I've some things to say, and I really, really hope you take 'em to heart, because I really wouldn't bother posting this if I didn't feel you needed some honest feedback.

Your characters... all seem to have the same theme. It feels like every one of them needs a relationship, or wants sex. To the point where it feels a little intrusive. When we were RPing, you had one character actually ask for a threesome (Which sorta made me go "wut" OOCly too, I'll admit), then when Rensin denied her, you went to another character that came up and basically chewed mine out along with Octavia for PDA. I mean, I know you'd probably say "That's my character, that's what they do"... but you've admitted yourself sometimes you do these things out of an OOC desire for companionship.

Don't get me wrong, I completely understand the want to feel companionship through RP. I understand it enough to where I'm commenting on this, because it's something I've felt myself before. But, when you start to take it -too- far OOC, it can get kinda weird, man. Like creepy weird. I'll be blatantly honest with you, and bluntly honest---I avoided playing Rensin for a long time because you sorta creeped me out. When you approached me with Sheryl, and it turned into this thing where she was trying to rapidly progress a relationship, it was fine for a bit. But the OOC clingyness that came with it really got to me.

I'm a straight man that doesn't have a problem with differentiating IC and OOC. When it comes down to it, it's all RP. ERP and RP, I allow for anything to happen, with anyone. OOC, I don't care who's who because honestly, I'm not looking for real relationships (If I was, or if it came to that, it'd be something I'd probably agree to before hand or something with the person involved.).

Now, I know you're not looking for a relationship with me, but you have to try and look at this from my perspective. It might be hard to do, but I'll explain it a bit better. I had someone that I barely knew wanting relationship RP with me. That was fine. The character pushed for the idea of children and marriage after a day or two together. Strange of the character, but it was fine because it was IC. PMing me and calling me names to try to get me to RP with you? Complaining OOCly constantly about how your relationships don't work? Giving me guff if I was too busy at the moment? That really wasn't fine, and not just irksome, but somewhat threatening and scary to think of, because to be honest I -really- don't know you, or what you were intending to accompish with it.

All of that aside... I can say this. When it comes to things to change about your characters? The relationship/sex stuff? You try to hard to get that with every character. Every single one has to have a relationship. Every one. It's your focus with them. Now, I know on CoTH relationship RP is heavy... but you try to plow through it like a bulldozer. To the point where you actually had a character outright ask mine for sex. And I wasn't the only one either. It's -really- really offputting, man. On an OOC and IC level.

Anyhow, I hope this provides some insight. I really -do- hope that this helps... I'm not trying to be mean or hurtful, because I do think you try--- and I understand what it feels like to be lonely, man. I understand it all too well. But try to not let it bleed so hard into your RP, and try to not be so desperate for relationship RP. It's really, really hurting you more than helping to beg for stuff.

Edit: As a final questions to leave you with, think of this. Let's say---your character gets sex, or gets into a relationship... you have to ask yourself. What happens then? How do you handle it? These are a couple things to keep in mind.
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Thanks for the feedback. A lot if it refers to my behaviour months ago when I first played Sherl, which I have changed from now greatly. Amalia did ask for a threesome, yes. She's a goblin. Something tells me if the goblin was male you wouldn't have taken issue with it. Female goblins can be just as sleazy as the male ones, you know. As for the PDA thing... I have problems with PDA OOCly as well as ICly. I think it's kind of obnoxious. As such, many of my characters feel the same.

Not all of my characters want a relationship or sex. Gundhor, for example, doesn't give a crap about either.

I understand your concerns, though. I was hoping the discussion in guild chat wouldn't creep you out but it looks like it has. So, there are a few things I should clear up.

Sexual roleplay doesn't excite me OOCly. I don't have a "thing" for it. To me, it's just text. Often I'll get bored and discouraged about the lack of RP my characters are having and since a lot of people seem to like sexual roleplay I resort to it just to have -something- to do. There are other ways to find roleplay, and this is just the cheapest and easiest way to get instant RP. There are other ways to do this, like I said, and I should work on doing that instead, so thank you for pointing it out.

Relationship RP. I'm really just not good at it. Sherl rapidly progressing the relationship was the result of me not knowing how fast relationships are supposed to progress. I have very little experience with it, so my relationship RP will probably suck.

Now, something you should know. Back then, I would seek just about any relationship RP. Now, I've improved and instant relationships seriously bore me. I'll pass on them.

Something about my RP is that sometimes I break down in real life and go to RP to take my mind off it, but my RP just ends up being all over the place. Last night was one of those moments, and I'm sorry. I really hope you'll give me a second chance to change your opinion about me. I honestly don't get creepy satisfaction from that kind of RP. It's just all I can think of to do a lot of the time. I'm in a more clear headspace now and I should stop RPing at really late hours when my brain is all jumbled up.

Thanks for hearing me out, amigo.
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No problem. And don't worry, I'm not going to kick you out of the Militia or anything---just those are some things I wanted to address. Like I said, it seems like you are willing to work on some things, so I just hope that we can both come to understand eachother a bit more, and hopefully get the RP to work out in a way that's comfortable for the both of us. If you need help with things, or want to run something by me? That's fine, as I said I can work with you on stuff.

Just, like I said---try to branch out a bit more. I can understand your logic and reasoning, but it wouldn't hurt to try and branch out the personalities a little more, eh? I'll give you more feedback as I come across it.
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Thanks, Rensin. I would appreciate help branching out more. Too much relationship RP has been boring me so much it's depressing. Hopefully our characters can go on adventures and kill some bandits or something together. I'd really like that.
Bumping this. I'm trying really hard to add depth to my characters, and I want to know if I'm succeeding in improvement or if I need more work.

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