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Q & A
Q: Aalll right, thanks! I looked on Wowwiki now, and found this excerpt...
Wowwiki Wrote:Ever since the Dark Iron dwarves had their capital, Thaurissan, destroyed by the summoning of Ragnaros, they have searched for a landmass to control for their filthy industrious works. Searing Gorge was the obvious choice, due to low military presence, scarce population, and few settlements, easily destroyable. The dwarven garrisons were soon overrun by a massive Dark Iron invasion,which forced them to retreat to Loch Modan, and seal the passage. http://www.wowpedia.org/Searing_gorge

So apparently the Dwarves used to live here. Just how long after the summoning of Ragnaros was the searing gorge taken over and sealed; nobody really knows?
The Bronzebeard and Wildhammer Dwarves closed off the Searing Gorge/Loch Modan border almost immediately after Ragnaros was summoned, it caused quite a bit of damage quite fast.
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Okay, thanks a lot Glain! Hugs and kisses for you!
I have two big questions that have been bothering me for a while now...

Q: Do orcs have their own writing system, or do they just use the human runes?

Q: What sort of role do troll mages play in troll society? I can't find any mention of a troll "mage" in troll history. Are they just blizzards representation of hexxers?

Edit: About the writing system, the only time I've ever been given the impression that a race uses different runes than the human ones is dwarves and goblins. (And perhaps the troll hieroglyphics I've seen in their tombs in ghostlands.) But it just doesn't seem right that they would use the exact same letters with a language originating on another planet.
Not sure about the Orc writing, but Troll mages were only so another class could be used for Trolls. ICly, it's pretty much impossible, unless the Troll was taught the Arcane, to become a mage. It certainly wouldn't be taught in their tribe, considering the Loa aren't a source of the Arcane.

That's my two pennies anyway, there's probably some lore reason for it.
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A:I remember hearing that, if you were a human or what not, you had to actually learn how to read the orcish language, and the Orcish language is only a set of runes from my on knowledge. Their language is made around these runes as they have large canines that naturally limit the kinds of sounds they can pull off.

There is also that mounument to Grom in that palce in Ashenvale where the demons are, probably written in orcish runes, that someone in common can't read, I think. I have a faulty memory there, but here is the wowwiki on it http://www.wowpedia.org/Orcish_(language) [[You have to include the parenthesizes in the link!]]

Sorry if my answer didn't help much, but I tried! I also know nothing of trolls, sorry!
Quote:“I've visited Stranglethorn and from what I saw it did not seem that there were many mages among the trolls there. What exactly was Gu'jomb's status in the old country?”

“Trolls do not trust magic. We still remember how elven sorceries gutted our cities and killed our people. That said, magic is too powerful to ignore or dismiss. Among the jungle tribes, wizards lived on the outskirts of villages. Only those with great need were permitted to speak with wizards, usually on behalf of the entire village. In times of peace and plenty, all would shun the mage. The hunters would give him food, some of the choicest cuts in fact, but they would never talk to him.”

“How would a mage choose a successor?”

“Every forty years the headman would pick a newborn from the village as the apprentice. This infant would be declared dead and treated as a sacrifice before being given into the mage's care.”

“Given that mages were so isolated, I find it surprising that they would make very good parents.”

“They often did not.”

“So you were given over to Gu'jomb when you were a baby?”

“No, though Gu'jomb would have made a better parent than most wizards, I think. The situation of the mages has changed quite a lot. The wizards of Stranglethorn, few though they were, understood the danger brewing in Zul'gurub. They aided Sen'jin when he slew our old chieftain, the one who had been bewitched by the Gurubashi. Only Gu'jomb and Uthel'nay, his apprentice, came to the islands with the Darkspear. Yet much later when the orcs saved us from the murlocs and we came to Durotar, Gu'jomb sensed the great power of this spot. He cast spells here to speak with the surviving Stranglethorn mages, to tell them that there was a haven for their kind. They had been in hiding for some time, and many were dead. Gu'jomb arranged for their arrival in Durotar, and when they set foot in the Valley of Spirits, the Darkbriar Lodge was truly born.”

“I'm gladdened to hear that. Are the mages accepted here?”

“The Darkspear recognize what we did for the trollish people, so they no longer shun us. That is not to say that they like us, but we take what we can get. To speak truly, most other Darkspear are not all that fun anyway.”

This is a excerpt from: http://destron.blogspot.com/2007/10/orgrimmar.html

I think it neatly explains a bit about mages in Troll society, although not canon I don´t see any reason to argue against it since it seems to fit well with the trolls.
All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare!

Oh yeah, the wowwiki says it's written with a combination of common runes and other made up runes. And thanks for explaining the troll thing, Hawk. I expected blizz to at least make something up in lore to explain mages, but apparently not, hehe.

Edit: Nostra you posted while I was posting! But thanks for that. And your right, it does seem to fit in pretty well. Now I can make meh troll mage without feeling silly.
Of course a Troll´s methods would vary greatly from that of say a Dalaran trained mage, more ritualistic and involving the Loa, if I remember correctly there´s actually a Loa of Magic, a reason why the priests disliked the wizards since they could seem closer to him, the Loa of magic that is.
All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare!

Question! During what times was the reconstruction of Stormwind happening? As in, when did it start and when did it finish?
I don't know that, sorry buddy T-T However;

Q: When was the Thorium Brotherhood founded? Approximately some few decades ago? And when WAS stormwind starting to be rebuilt? Wowwiki doesn't seem to have the answer...
I would like to know how it was possible for orcs to be born in the Lordaeron internment camps, how they grew up and lived.
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Liosan Wrote:Q:
I would like to know how it was possible for orcs to be born in the Lordaeron internment camps, how they grew up and lived.

After the Second War, the Orcs lost and were rounded up and put into interment camps, where they grew lethargic from Fel energy.

The characters who are younger than 25 would have been born there.

That's the only information I know about interment camps.
"I am more afraid of one hundred sheep led by a lion than one hundred lions led by a sheep."
Quote:That's the only information I know about interment camps.

That goes for me too.
I want to make a storyline for an Orc which is younger that 25 years, but can't really figure out what to say regarding how he grew up and lived there.
Hope somebody knows a bit more.
Thanks anyway.
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Quote:Q: When was the Thorium Brotherhood founded? Approximately some few decades ago? And when WAS stormwind starting to be rebuilt? Wowwiki doesn't seem to have the answer...

The Thorium Brotherhood pre-dates the War of the Three Hammers, yet only by a bit I would assume. Before that War it would have been very small, numbering in the 20-100's. It grew to greater fame and numbers when the Dark Iron clan split, and some joined with them.

Stormwind was destroyed during the First War, so once it ended. Rebuilding would have slowly began then as people that ran, most likely migrated back. So it was being rebuilt after the First War ended, but before the Second War starts. ( Assumed, possibly after or during the second war, maybe even third. :P )

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