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Rage rage RAGE
Sad stuff, I've had neighbors like that.

Then there was the kids from the local high school that would do things to my car, because I had the catholic school's football sticker in my back window. I had my tires slashed, my windshield broken, hubcaps stolen, the hood ornamant ripped off, and the antennae ripped off. All because some idiots at that school couldn't handle the fact that other people go to other schools.

Sometimes, you wish people would get what they had coming. Hard part is, you can't just beat people up like you could way back when.
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△Move along.△


I know alot of people (Myself included are/were like: Beat him up! Yeah! EFF DAT KID UP!) But what really needs to be done is, when this kid gets his own bike, car, motorbike, or any sort of vehicle he's either bought himself, or recieved as a gift, it needs to get trashed. Just like he did. Then he'll understand it exactly how it feels. Pointlessy ruining someone else's property simply for fun. That will teach him better than any beating.
Feedback Thread.

Common Sense; Questionable, still there.
Spiky's post reminded me of when my friend got a new scooter. He has a neighbor who's just like this Waylon kid and he snapped one of the side mirrors off my friend's scooter one night. My friend didn't want to do anything, but you know what I did? I snapped both of the side mirrors of the idiot's scooter off and left a note saying "payback is a b***h."

EDIT: And I see we have a new profanity filter. Flashy!
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Breaking their stuff wouldn't work either. I know this for a fact. That's a -great- way to invite even worse retribution.

Kicking someone's butt, although it is no longer viable, makes them AFRAID of doing stuff to you, or in some instances, makes them respect you. But with the way panning things out, this guy will be in jail, and probably get roughed up in there, -especially- if he tries to screw someone's property up in there.
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△Move along.△


We can't have Chase fighting back anymore. Chase has already gotten in enough trouble beating up other people. But I am glad to see someone like Wayland behind bars. I don't even know why Chase was hanging out with him after.

I'm a little surprised despite all the things that happens to Chase nothing has happened to my car yet. I think Chase makes a lot of enemies and some of them deserved. Chase is getting into his own sort of trouble that I found out about since this whole fiasco. I think this happens a lot when you have a parent that's too friendly to their children like my mom (bless her heart but she's way too soft at times).

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